There's a daily bonus system in our game. If you log in every day you can win great prizes.

  1. When you log in the first day you get 100 coins.
  2. When you log in the second day in a row you get 250 coins, 10 points of experience and 3 energy.
  3. On the third day in a row you get 500 coins, 30 goods and 5 energy.
  4. On the fourth day you get 1000 coins, 10 energy and one item that is needed in one of your quests.
  5. On the fifth day you get to choose between receiving 10 superbucks and a doubloon.
If you collect 4 doubloons (green, red, cool and super) you get the House of Luck - a business building that gives you 1 superbuck every 20 hours.

On the sixth day of logging in the daily bonus counter goes to the first day again.

Please note that to be able to progress to the fifth day of the bonus you need to log in five days in a row without missing a day.