We’re collecting Egyptian artifacts!

The current launch lasts for 7 days, but this event is meant to be a part of a larger cycle with several launches, so please do not worry about the short time!! There is plenty of time to get this all finished within the amount of time given..

In this document you will find:

Info about the Archaeological museum;
Info about the expedition itself;

The new event in a nutshell:

Complete tasks on the expedition locations and get tiny shards that you can use to restore exhibits;
The expedition lasts for 7 days and it has 3 locations that repeat themselves on and on, one after another;
Form exhibitions at the Archaeological museum for profit. There are several exhibitions that you can form and they will bring you different profits, but an object can belong only to one.

The Archaeological museum:
The new event starts with Victor Rich inviting you to go on an archaeological expedition. For displaying the exhibits that you will find and restore you receive for free from the very beginning the Archaeological museum. Click the Receive button to get this building.
What is the Archaeological museum?

The Archaeological museum is a building that remains on your account forever and that can bring you more or less profit, depending on how much you work on it. The more you work on your Archaeological museum, the more profit it will bring for your city (details below)
The archaeological museum can have several rooms with different exhibits but for now you can work only on the Ancient Egypt exhibition.

After you place the museum in your city and build it, the Ancient Egypt exhibition hall will open up and the tutorial will explain to you how it works.

On the left side you can place the exhibits. On the right side you can see the requirements for receiving the exhibition and what bonuses it gives to your museum. Let’s take the Bastet statue, for example. It will bring you 1000 coins every 24 hours and in order to get it you will have to find 2 Tiny shards in your archaeological expedition.

Take a moment to look around. You can click around on all the empty spaces, but you will notice that they need to be restored in an order. The ones that are available for you to work on right from the very beginning are marked with yellow, so those are Bastet statue, Sphinx replica and Anubis statue. You can start working on the rest after you restore these ones.
Once you restore an exhibit and place it in your exhibition, you will receive profit from it for as long as the exhibition is active.

Note: After you restore an object, don’t forget to exhibit it too! An exhibit that is not put on display does not bring profit!

There are several exhibitions that you can form, but an object can belong only to one.

The more Tiny shards you find, the more objects you can restore and have a better, more profitable exhibition. Once you have restored all the exhibits from a specific exhibition, that exhibition will bring more profit + an extra bonus for 16 days. Each exhibition will have its own 16-day bonus.

What are Artifact fragments?

In the museum you might see the world Artifact fragment. They will help you reduce the number of tiny shards you need to have to restore an exhibit and thus have the exhibit ready for display faster. An artifact fragment refers to one exhibit only, which is marked with a special icon. Let’s take the Sphinx replica, for example. Every artifact fragment used on the Sphinx will count as much as 5 Tiny shards.

The Artifact fragments can be received from the Club excavations (details below).

Now let’s have a look at the other tabs of the Archaeological museum. First one: Rooms. 

On this tab you can learn the following:

The profit the museum will bring you depends on the exhibitions you have inside it; the more rooms you have, the more exhibitions you can run at the same time;
Profit comes only from the rooms where an exhibition is being held; the profits from an exhibition depends on how many exhibits it contains;
You can move exhibitions around. Stored exhibitions are still kept in the museum and you can put them back on display at any time.

How to get more rooms for the museum?

Let’s have a look at the 3rd tab, “Upgrades”.

Here we learn that you can upgrade the museum to get more rooms. You can get the items needed for the upgrade by completing tasks on the Archaeological expeditions or by achieving your club’s aims. Once you have upgraded the Archaeological Museum, then you will have an empty place for another room. This new room will come after the next expedition.

The archaeological expedition

Now that we have become familiar with the Archaeological museum, let’s go on the first expedition location!

For this event there are 3, smaller than usual, locations, that repeat themselves one after another, on and on. Once you move from one location to another you won’t be able to go back, so please first collect from there everything you want to collect. If you refresh the page, click the home button or the banner that asks you to go to a new location you won't be able to return!

Pay attention to the quests situated on the left side of the screen, not only will they bring you energy, click the SHOW button and they will guide you towards the map objects that you need to restore and get the tiny shards in exchange, in the shortest time possible, and then move to the next location. The quests are the important ones, restoring the buildings will only bring you extra coins, xp and purple energy, but no tiny shards!

How to move from one location to another?

In order to move from one location to another, you will have to find the treasure key. This can be found by removing obstacles on the location. Rely on the “Show” button to guide you towards the obstacles that can potentially give you the treasure key, please note they are randomly given and only one can be found on each land.

Once you have the key, find the sealed cave on the map and open it using the key to unlock the next location.

Once you click on that you will see a pop up asking if you are sure you want to move to the next area.
If you have not collected everything that you want out of this land then click on stay, however if you are ready to move to the next land you click on go.

Please note: Once you have opened the cave, if you refresh the game or click on "home" then you will automatically be moved to the next area.

A few words about getting extra purple energy. You can get it by:

From the energy bank 100 free units every 12 hours;
By opening chests found on the location;
By restoring buildings on the locations (15 units for a hut, 45 for a stall); note: the restored buildings are for use in just one location only, if you move to another location, you can’t go back to the previous location and collect energy, will have to restore the ones at the current location, if you want to use this method of getting extra energy;
By crafting energy cans of 50 energy units at the Field kitchen; the Field kitchen works just like described above for the buildings, it has to be built at every new location again;
From the club excavations (details below)
Other prizes and activities:

Statue of Maat:

You can see this offer and your progress for getting the Statue of Maat only when you are on an expedition. To get the Statue of Maat, gather 3000 Valuable finds by removing obstacles on the expedition locations.

Club excavations:

Any activity on the expedition locations will also bring you Excavation points. If you are in a club, these points will contribute to the general progress of the club and will bring you extra rewards: extra purple energy, candies, superbucks, marathon cards, artifact fragments and items needed for upgrading the Archaeological museum.
You need to earn a minimum of 10 Excavation points for your club before you can collect your reward.

The biggest club reward for this event is the Egyptian sanctuary:

New! Expedition energy from the club!

The Club keeps a log of excavation activity. It records daily expenditure of expedition energy by club members, as well as the club’s expenditure from all members put together.
Each club member has a daily limit. Energy use that exceeds that limit is not counted in the club’s total expenditure.
As soon as the club expenditure total reaches a certain milestone, all club members get a delivery of expedition energy. The more club members have taken part in the excavations, the bigger the delivery will be.
This log resets daily. Pay attention to the timer!
All deliveries for the day that were not collected will be added the next time you enter the game.


What if I didn't manage to collect all the exhibits for an exhibition, but I wanted to, so what now?
You will be able to continue working on an exhibition the next time we launch one of these mini, 7 days exhibitions, so don’t worry, your work is not lost!

Please allow me to tell you how the differnt areas work:

1. Example: You are on the expedition location no.1 you have NOT opened the sealed cave with the key, so did NOT unlock the next location - when you return on the expedition area you will still be in location no 1.

2. Example: You are on the expedition location no.1 and have Already opened the sealed cave with the key, but have decided to go clear your city - when you return on the expedition area you will be in the next location that you have just opened, location no 2.

If you click the "home button" or you refresh your page then the land you were in is gone, and you will move to the new land.

- In every location there are plenty of resources, we stressed so much the idea that you can’t go back because we don’t want you to maybe miss some resources you maybe wanted to get before moving on (like energy from chests, for example).

- There is no need to clear the land completely, the aim of the quest is to get as many tiny shards as possible by completing the quests on the left side of the screen and once you are done with that, to move to another location and get the tiny shards from there too!

- The mangoes and bananas are for completing tasks for energy in restored buildings;

- Don’t confuse the cave with the gate, the cave is situated way beyond the gates in general and opening the gates will not unlock the next location, opening the cave will do that!

- Rely on the “Show” button every time you want to see in what direction are the things you need to work on, it is a trusty tool!