Remember the regatta, Mayors? During the regatta our friends discovered a huge island with a botanical garden and many exquisite, but on the verge of extinction plants! We must save them!

What is new?
Now you get tickets with a sprout for the club ratings by removing obstacles on the expedition location!

You must be member of a club to participate in the club expeditionary tournament;
For every 100 purple energy units you get a Ticket with a sprout;
To take part in the rating, collect at least 10 Tickets with a sprout;
All club members who are in the first 500 places in the rating will receive special rewards;
A unique additional reward will be given to all club members, if their club finishes in the first 100 places of the rating;
You can't leave your club any more 3 days prior to the end of the club expeditionary tournament.
Let’s remember!
Removing any obstacle on the map costs purple expedition energy. You can get energy in the following ways:
it restores by itself naturally over time!
by Claiming 100 units for free every 12 hours;
by crafting it in the “Energize” cafe. You can store up to 70 energy cans in your temporary expedition inventory!
by opening chests on the temporary expedition location;
by restoring buildings on the temporary expedition location;
completing the quests situated on the left side of the screen;
completing tasks in some of the restored buildings;
You can also purchase energy for superbucks or for real money.
There are 2 types of bombs: stationary ones and some that you can buy and place wherever you choose!
If you want to clean a larger part of the territory, you can choose to detonate stationary bombs for a superbucks fee.

You can also purchase bombs and place them wherever you wish.
New! Now you will also get non-stationary bombs as rewards sometimes.

The rewards icons can be found on the right side of the screen.
“Gather and Get”:
Take any offer at the Energy drink sale 10 times, wait until the end of the expeditions and get a guaranteed reward!
Note: claiming the 100 energy units also counts!

“Expedition rewards” icon:
Complete tasks, get Seedling coins for them and obtain the Botanical garden, a composition in 7 parts.

On the second tab of this offer you can see details about each reward:

Classical individual ratings:

To enter the ratings it is necessary to collect at least 10 Rare seedlings.
In order to get both of these items, strike the trees with energy. Every energy strike costs 45 expedition energy, but its effectiveness depends on luck. Sometimes it is necessary to strike more than once.
The trees regenerate over time.

Garden Laboratory:
In order to get this reward, it is necessary to collect 300 “Elixir of Growth” Bottles.
For obtaining the bottles it is necessary to craft them.
So how do we do that?
After restoring the Workshop you will be able to craft there Secateurs:

Using the secateurs you will be able to trim trees and get exotic lianas:

The second element you will have to collect for making the “Growth Elixir” bottles are the bottles:

From these 2 elements you will be able to assemble “Elixir Growth” bottles at the Agronomist lab, after you restore it: