Avalible to levels 15+
Permant Feature!!

What are the Collections?

The Collections are a new way of organizing all the beautiful buildings we already have in the game and a new opportunity for you to get more bonuses in the game!

You can find the collections by clicking the “open book” button next to the club button:

There are 2 types of collections: standard and rare.

Scroll between the various types of collections and you will see that you can get different types of bonuses from them: an upgraded collection bonus and an enhanced collection bonus. These are 2 different things, so do not mix them up!

Past and future buildings can become a part of a collection.

Note: If you see a building in a collection that is not yet in the game, or you cannot get it right away, please do not worry, this opportunity will appear in the near future.

This is a permanant part of the game so it will stay on the neighbor bar forever!!

Take a moment to read the rules:
  1. Get a building, put it on the map or in the storage, and it will be added to the collection forever and remain there forever;
  2. Collect a complete collection and get a reward;

Please note: Some collections can be upgraded! For such a collection, you will receive an award twice: once when you collect it for the first time, and once when you upgrade it.

Enhanced bonuses:
  1. Look for special items in the game to enhance the completed collection and receive additional bonuses each time you click the enhance button after collecting the needed items;
  2. The items for enhancing standard collections can be obtained from helper buildings and in-game events;
  3. Items for enhancing rare collections can only be obtained from the improved bonuses of standard collections.

After the collection is complete, you can continue to receive bonuses for it - the collection can be Enhanced. To do this, simply look at each tab and see what it tells you that you need for the enhanced bonuses. You will look for those items in the game and exchange them for the enhanced collection bonuses.

Please Note: You are not enhancing each building shown, you are enhancing the complete collection itself.

Pay attention to each collection as the enhanced rewards are different! Click on each tab on the left to see the rewards for that collection:

1) It says i upgraded so which building got the upgrade?
Answer: You are not upgrading a building however you are upgrading the collection and then you get a one time bonus for each upgrade to the collection you do.

2) What is the purpose of this?
Answer: the purpose is so you are able to get bonuses for completing a collection and then you are able to get enhanced rewards.

3) Will i lose the buildings that are in the collections?
Answer: No, they are in your game you won't lose them.