Now you have the chance to participate in an all new event with guaranteed prizes: Fortune’s Wheel!
In order to be able to spin the roulette wheel you need tokens
Tokens can be obtained from the Token Store : free of charge (once every 12 hours) or purchase the amount you want.

You can choose which token you want to use: paid or free . By default, the free token is always used first.

After you click " Spin " the Wheel of Fortune is activated and you are guaranteed to receive a prize!

On the Fortune’s Wheel there are 25 slots, each of them with a prize. Some prizes can be won only once, others can be won multiple times.

Please note that  !

The limited number of prizes is indicated by the corresponding symbols:

the number of prizes which is unlimited, can also be seen in the list:

The main prizes - buildings - can be obtained in 2 ways. 

When you spin the roulette wheel you can win:Kuchlbauer Tower
4,900 coins, 1-3 energy, 2-5 candies / glass baubles every 24 hours, size 7*7, can be placed anywhere

In order to get the second building, you need to increase the level of luck. The level of luck gets higher with each scroll - the higher the level, the closer you are to the coveted prize! Plus, you will also receive additional prizes!

KunstHaus Abensberg: 5,000 coins, 2-4 energy, 3-4 candies / glass baubles every 24 hours, size 8*6, can be placed anywhere;
Boost the fortune scale!

There are additional rewards for spinning the wheel a certain number of times: