Requirements: the chests will be received by players level 15+

The main reward is the Keizerstraat Mosque (4,100 coins, 1-3 energy, 2-3 glass baubles every 24 hours, size 7*9, can be placed anywhere)

Each chest can be opened for 9 Ice keys.

There are 3 ways to get Keys:

Completing the quest:

Delicious Bouquets I (3 Keys)

Collect 19 Concrete compound (construction factory, upgraded construction factory
Collect 10 Backpacks (collect profit from Summer House, Upgraded Summer House)
Collect 6 Fir Trees (from friends’ cities - buildings with a clock or coin do not drop every time)

Delicious Bouquets II (3 Keys)

Collect 21 Bags of Flour (collect profit from Bistro, Upgraded Bistro)
Collect 9 Pumps (collect profit from Water Tower, Upgraded Water Tower)
Ask friends for 5 Balls

Delicious Bouquets III (4 Keys)

Collect 14 Pairs of Shoes (collect profits from Shoe Shop, Upgraded Shoe Shop)
Produce 12 Cucumber (produce in Farm, Upgraded Farm)
Collect 18 Valves (collect profit from Premium Cottage)

2. Collect profits from the following buildings:

Central Station - 1 key every 24 hours
Powder Tower - 2-3 Keys every 23 hours
Luma Arles - 1-4 Keys every 24 hours.
Bran Castle - 2-3 Keys every 23 hours
Museum of Paleontology -1 key every 8 hours

3. Use the sale offer!

Special offer with the Keizerstraat chest event

Bran Castle: 4400 coins, 2-3 energies,1-4 baubles, 2-3 Ice Keys every 23 hours, during the promotion
LUMA Arles: 4400 coins, 1-3 energies, 2-4 baubles, 1-4 Ice Keys every 24 hours, during the promotion
Powder Tower: 4200 coins, 2-3 energies, 1-4 baubles, 2-3 Ice keys every 23 hours, during the promotion
Rotunda of Mosta: 3700 coins, 1-3 energies every 22 hours
Almudena Cathedral: 4400 coins,1-4 energies every 22 hours
Castle Ten Berge: 4500 coins, 1-4 energies every 23 hours