What is new?

There are now 10 slots instead of 25 on the wheel;

You can get rewards not only from the wheel itself, but also from an event store!
Trade in your rubies earned from the wheel for more valuable prizes in the event store;
The event store will work 2 more days after the end of the promotion, so you have time to trade in all your rubies;
If you do not trade in your rubies, they will automatically be turned into useful items (energy, lucky cards) when the event store closes too.

Now on the Fortune’s Wheel there are 10 slots, each of them with a prize. Some prizes can be won only once, others can be won multiple times.

There are also 2 main prizes.

On the wheel:

Red Fort: 4800 coins, 1-4 energy, 2-3 glass baubles / daffodils every 24 hours, size 8x9, can be placed everywhere;

For every 1-39 spin there is a chance you will get this prize! If you do not get it for this number of spins, it will drop guaranteed on the 40th spin!

In the event store:

Valencia Post Office Building: 5000 coins, 2-3 energy, 3-4 glass baubles/ daffodils every 24 hours, size 10x8, can be placed everywhere;

This building can now be obtained for 150 rubies from the event store, after you spin the wheel 80 times.

The prizes you can buy with rubies in the event store depend on the number of times you spinned the wheel: the more spins, the better will be the prizes available for you!

You start off with 5 free tokens.

You can get a free token every 12 hours or buy more tokens!

Now we have also added discount coupons for tokens!