Requirements: Level 15+

In order to access the quest, you need to click on the icon on the right of your screen:

After that, you will have access to the bar cellar field!

You need to remove obstacles in the cellar in order to collect items.

When removing obstacles, you move from left to right,
Pay attention to the screenshot below - in order to remove the obstacle, you need to point the tool at the boxes, while the boxes that will be removed by this tool are highlighted in white:
You can only remove an obstacle with at least one side free! Obstacles that can be destroyed at a certain point in your game are translucent.

You can use a variety of removal tools, using any tool consumes a certain amount of energy:
Each of the tools help to clear a certain number of cells in the cellar, see screenshot below:

If empty cells fall into the area of ​​the instrument, the unspent energy of the labyrinth will return to the player.

Some of the obstacles encountered in the cellar may or may not be destroyed or will require several hits: See screenshot for a better explanation.

Note: Newspapers can’t be clicked on nor removed, they are permanent so you need to go around them.

You can also find the chest: It can be opened with a Brush Key or for 20 superbucks, the contents of the chest will be visible on the right:

After opening the chest, you will receive items, such as a bar stool or dartboard, which you need in “Requests for Help”tab.

In order to get a key with a brush, you need to find a kitty on the field and complete its order.

Please note that the kitty can give tasks in which there will be other prizes and not a key with a brush:
Energy is automatically renewed - 1 unit in 30 seconds. The energy for using the tools can be purchased in a special promotional store or received free of charge (every 12 hours):
Hop coins (you find them in the cellar)
Can be used in the Event Store Tab
Main Prize - Irish Pub:

In the cellar, you can also get various items -hop coins, pint of stout, coasters, green energy, coins, etc. You will need these items to fulfill requests for help.

In the Help Request tab, you can perform special tasks - requests from residents:
Break cells with obstacles, get objects, create help tickets from them:

After creating tickets, your indicator in the help scale under orders will increase:
You also get additional prizes for reaching mini-goals.

To get a special prize - the Leprechaun Stage - you need to completely fill the help scale 9 times:

Leprechaun Stage:

In addition, you can take part in the personal rating:
To do this, collect caps with hops - they drop out with each hit on the field and are automatically added to your personal rating. The more caps you collect, the higher your ranking and the better the prize!

1st place: Gold Leprechaun Hat 3-5 superbucks, 3-5 daffodils, every 24 hours for 16 days during the promotion
2nd place: Silver Leprechaun Hat 2-4 superbucks, 2-4 daffodils, every 24 hours for 16 days during the promotion
3rd place: Bronze Leprechaun Hat 1-3 superbucks, 1-3 daffodils, every 24 hours for 16 days during the promotion

4-6 places: 40 daffodils
7-10 places: 30 daffodils
11-15 places:  25 daffodils
16-20 places:  20 daffodils
21-25 places: 15 daffodils