Let’s remember how to get shovels:
You start with 10 free prospector’s shovels from the house
You can claim 1 shovel every 8 hours and up to 3 in 24 hours.
You can buy the regular shovels now for superbucks or real money.

There is only 1 free shovel every 8 hours.
You can get a total of 3 shovels every 24 hours.

Remember: There is a limit of free shovels - you can have 10 maximum at any given time. You can claim a free shovel as soon as you spend at least one, so it means the button will be active when you have 9/10 or 8/10, and so on.

Dig for treasure to find many attractive prizes such as superbucks, daffodils, and much more! Every field contains one magic key (guaranteed!) that you can use to get one of the main prizes:

The main prizes are:

Kanbawzathadi Palace: 4200 coins; 1 experience; 1 - 3 energies; 1-4 daffodils every 24 hours; size 9x8 can be placed everywhere.

Geelong Library: 4300 coins; 1 experience; 1 -2 energies; 2-3 daffodils every 23 hours; size 11x6 can be placed everywhere
Note: If you continue to play after winning both of the main prizes, using the magic key, you will be able to open a chest with 750 lucky cards that you can then exchange to get blueprints for chest buildings in the blueprint shop!

You can renew the field in 2 ways:
After finding the magic key, you can move to a new field, which is free of cost.
After you dig out all the prizes, the field renews automatically.
Note: On the field, you might find a discount coupon: use it to get a discount on the shovel offers! The discount coupon lasts for 12 hours once you find it, but you can only use it 1 time.

What are Explorer’s Coins?
You can find the explorer’s coins on the field. You can use these coins on the tab “Treasures” to get buildings, decorations, or items you need for quests!

Remember: This store will work 2 more days after the event itself ends. However, after the store closes, too, if you still did not manage to spend all your coins, the game will convert them automatically into valuable items (lucky cards and regular energy).

Note: These buildings will be added to the blueprint shop at the end of the event; if you forgot to exchange the magic key for one of the buildings, it would automatically convert into lucky cards. In this case, you will get enough lucky cards from the conversion of the key to obtain one of the buildings.