How to access Supercity Portal:

You can access our portal in two ways: through Facebook or by creating a new profile.

Transferring your Facebook game progress

1) If you log into Portal via Facebook, you can retain your progress from Facebook and continue playing in your Facebook city.
How to log into Portal using your Facebook account:
2. Click on the Log in with Facebook

Starting a new game on the portal

2) If you create a new profile on the portal, you begin a new game from the Level 1.
How to access the portal by creating a new profile:
1. Click on this link:
2.  Click on the green button "Play now"

3. Click on the orange Sign Up link!

Fill out the registration form as shown below:
1. Enter your email
2. Enter your password
3. Click Sign up to register

4. Check your email to confirm your registration.
Please make sure to check the Spam folder as well in case you have not found the letter in your Inbox!
The confirmation email will look like this:

5. Open the email you received from Supercity and click on the green button to confirm: