Essential information about Supercity Portal: We ask you to please read this guide fully before trying the portal.

How to access our portal:

You can access our portal in two ways: through Facebook or by creating a new profile, if you do not know how to do this continue reading, you will find below both explanations.

1) Via the Facebook button and thus having your normal Facebook city:

Click on the Log- in button to sign in with Facebook, don't type anything, just click on the Facebook Button.

2) How to access the portal by creating a new profile:

Click on the orange Sign Up button!

Fill out the registration form as shown below:
1. Enter your email
2. Enter your Password
3. Check the box that you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of use of the service.
4. Click Sign up to register

Close the new portal window and check your email to confirm your registration it will look like this:
Open the email you received from Supercity and click on the green button to confirm:

Watch video here: If you have never played supercity

Watch video here: if you want to log in with facebook: