You can find new neighbours using a dedicated Friends section.
You can access the Friends section by clicking the “Find friends” button or by clicking the "Invite friend" button situated at the end of your friends bar.

The Friends section has three tabs:
1. Friend invitations
2. Friend list
3. Find friends

Friend invitations

If you want to see who has sent you an invitation, click on the “Friend invitations” tab and then click on “Inbox” to see all the players who have sent you a friend request.
If you wish to add a player to your friends, click on the Accept button under their request.
If you do not wish to add a player to your friends, click on the Decline button.
These requests will remain pending until you make your choice.

If you go to the “Friend Invitations” tab and then click on “Outbox”, you can see who you have sent requests to. You can cancel any request at any time.

Find friends

In this tab, you will see that the game suggests you some players as friends, you just have to click the “Add” button to send them a friend request. The list will be updated periodically, you can see the time until the next update in the “Find friends " tab.

Once you have clicked the "Add" button, the player will be automatically moved to "Friend invitations" - "Outbox".
All the players that you have sent invitations to via the Find friends tab, will be displayed there until they accept or decline your friend request.
You can cancel your pending friend request at any time by clicking the Cancel button, as described above in the Friend invitation tab.

Under the “Find friends” tab, you can also see your code. You can send this to players if you would like them to add you as a friend. You can also see here where you can put a friend’s code into the box.

It works like that:
If you wish to add a specific player to your friends list, you need to ask that player to send you their code.

Your friend needs to copy the code (using the Copy code button) and send the code to you via any messenger.

You copy the code and paste it into the search field and then press Search.
Please make sure there are no blank spaces after the last digit in the code, otherwise, the search will return no results!

After pressing the Search button, you will see the search result.

You can add this player now by clicking the Add button.

Friend’s list

In this tab, you will find the list of all your friends and you can perform the following actions: delete or visit their city. To visit the city of your friends click on go, to delete them as friends, click on the Delete button.

If you wish to find a specific player, you can enter their name in the search field above the list.

You can watch the video tutorial showing how to add friends in the game: