Requirements: the chests will be received by players level 15+

The main reward is the Hatley Castle (4,100 coins, 1-4 energy, 2-6 daffodils every 24 hours, size 10*6, can be placed anywhere)

Each chest can be opened for 9 Spring keys.

There are 3 ways to get Keys:

Completing the quest:

Old Biscuit Recipe I (3 keys)
Collect 17 Maps of the stars (collect profits from Stationary, Upgraded Stationary)
Collect 31 Ropes (Textile Factory, Upgraded Textile Factory – Wool, Tulle, Denim, Printed Cotton, Linen, Venetian Lace, Silk, Velvet)
Collect 24 Saws (Collect Profit from Colonial House, Upgraded Colonial house)

Old Biscuit Recipe II (3 keys)
Collect 33 Saplings (Collect profits from Summer House, Upgraded Summer House)
Collect 14 Planks (Cargo Port)
Collect 26 Fertilizer (Farm, Upgraded Farm, Beetroot)

Old Biscuit Recipe III (4 keys)
Collect 14 Screw Nuts (Collect profits from Subway Station, Upgraded Subway Station, Central Station, Eastern Station)
Collect 11 Screw Wrenches (Friends cities with clock or coin, do not drop every time)
Ask Friends for 7 Repair Kits

2. Collect profits from the following buildings:

Supertanic Liner- 1 key every 24 hours;
Windmill- 1 key every 18 hours;
Samovasaran Temple-2-4 keys every 23 hours;
Casa Batlló-2-4 keys every 23 hours
Leeds Corn Exchange 1-4 keys every 23 hours

3. Use the sale offer!

Special offer with the Hatli Castle chest event
Samovasaran Temple- 4300 coins, 2-3 energies,1-4 daffodil, 2-4 Spring Keys during the promotion Every 23 hours:
Casa Batllo- 4400 coins,1-3 energies,2-3 daffodils,2-4 Spring Keys during the promotion Every 23 hours:
Leeds Corn Exchanges- 4300 coins,1-3 energies,2-3 daffodils,1-4 Spring Keys during the promotion Every 23 hours:
Gildenband House- 4100 coins,1-4 energies Every 23 hours:
Las Lajas Shrine- 4600 coins,2-4 energies Every 24 hours:
Powder Tower- 4200 coins, 2-3 energies Every 23 hours: