You can buy this in the shop using coins, you can only have 1 max

Recipes include:

Leather Sofa = 2 Timbers + 2 Tubes of Glue
Coffee Table = 3 Planks + 5 Tubes of Glue
Wicker Chair = 5 Balls of Wool + 1 Bamboo Stem
Dressing Table = 1 Coffee Table + 1 Designer
Chaise Lounge = 1 wicker chair + 1 cushion

Crafting materials used for these items are obtained from:

  • Timber drops when making Parquet at a Construction Factory
  • Tube of Glue drops from a Shoe Shop
  • Plank is produced at the Cargo Port
  • Ball of Wool drops when making Wool at a Textile Factory
  • Designer is trained at the College
  • Cushion drops from a Wooden House

Important! When you craft a piece of furniture, the corresponding items will be consumed!