Let’s help tidy up our cities! Collect as many recycling badges as you can and get incredible bonuses for the whole city!

Be sure to complete the in-game tutorial to understand how it works!

The promotion is available to players of level 10+.

Quests tab: On this tab you will see there are 2 sides, one is the Daily Inspections and the other side is the Whole event inspections.

Daily Inspections:
Daily quests refresh every day at the same time.
For completing each daily quest, the player receives 7 Recycling badges. In total per day a player can score 28 Recycling Badges for daily quests per day.
Whole Event Inspections:
Unlike daily inspections, the player receives all quests of the week at once. These quests are not random, i.e. each player receives the set of quests that corresponds to their level; quests are the same for all players.

At the beginning of each week, the player receives 6 quests. He can perform these quests until the end of the entire promotion.

Important: In the quests of the merchant's tent, those quests that you already have at the time the Season Pass appears in the game will not be counted. All new quests issued will count towards the Season Pass quests.

Club Objective:  For level 30+ players

Rewards tab: Notice if you buy the “Gold Recycle Badge” then you can get more rewards as shown in the window on the TOP.
If you choose not to buy the Gold Recycle Badge you will see your rewards on the BOTTOM.

 In the rewards tab you will find many different types of rewards. You will need to click the claim button on your rewards. 

You can get rewards of different Coupons. Let’s have a look at all the different coupons and how they work.

Coupons (you can use coupons both during the event and after it ends):

Infrastructure “complete” Coupon: Completes the production of some infrastructure buildings (all buildings except: architectural bureau, university, college)

Residential “complete” coupon: completes the production of any residential building.

Farm “Complete” Coupon: completes the production of: Farm, Fruit Farm & Dairy Farm

Factory “Complete” Coupon: Completes the production of: Completes the production of: Textile Factory, Electronics plant, Construction Factory, Candy Factory, Car Factory, Ready-to-Eat Factory, Print Shop, Creative Studio, Haberdashery Workshop

Business “Complete” Coupon: Completes the production of any business.

City Center Special Buildings “Complete” Coupon: Completes production of: Airport, Railway Station, Central Station, Sea Port, Lighthouse, Bridge,Ski Resort, Jet Ski Rental, Bus station, Supertanic Liner, Lab

Highland Special Buildings “Complete” Coupon: Completes production of: Forest Spirit,Mountain Base, Highland Bus Station, Water Spirit, Spa Resort, Air Spirit, Fire Spirit

Bay Special Buildings “Complete” Coupon: Completes production of: Tropical Bridge, Dodo Nest, Cliff Edge Lighthouse, Tribal Village, Uncharted Island, Modern Fortress, Adventure Fortress, Wooden Bridge

Enchanted Valley Special Buildings “Complete” Coupon:  Completes production of: Guardian of the Valley, Valley Bus Station, Valley Station, School of Wisdom, Fishing Village, Mermaid Palace, Oceanarium, Adobe of a thousand Dragons, Harmony Residence

Sands Special Buildings “Complete” Coupon: Completes production of: Ancient Tomb, Genie Palace, Oasis, Beach Resort, Robinson’s Island

Snowy Plateau Special Buildings “Complete” Coupon: Completes production of: Snow Station, Weather Station, Yeti, Mountain Hotel, Winter Games, Mammoth, Dragon in Ice,  Modern Gyser park, Mystery Castle

To use the coupons, simply click on a building that will use it and then click on the coupon selection:

You will also see that you can get boosts and speed ups:

You can also get NEW Building Skins for Cargo Port and Bridge in City Center:

You can also get NEW Club Chat Stickers:
  “Rain”            “Flowers”     “Chill”    “Please”

In addition to coupons, you have the opportunity to receive special bonuses, which are presented in the top row of rewards for the Season Pass, as well as in a separate Bonuses for recyling tab.

Bonuses for recycling tab:
Please note that bonuses become active only after purchasing the Golden Recycling Token (and accumulating enough Recycling Tokens to unlock the bonus in the rewards tab) and they are only active during the Season Pass's running time:

After receiving bonuses to accelerate or increase production, they start working only for new orders; those productions that are active at the time of receiving the bonus are not subject to its effect.

You can see the active bonuses when you click on the buildings