Mini-expeditions last 9 days. There are 6 maps in total in expeditions. They repeat endlessly, but with each transition they are updated - you can re-collect resources from them. This will help you collect the necessary items sooner!

Each map has tasks. For these tasks, you receive tiny shards, with the help of which you collect artifacts for the exhibition halls of the Archaeological Museum.

In this expedition, players can only exhibit 3 expositions, additional rooms for new expositions are not available in this expedition.

Let’s go over the basics together:

The goal is to obtain as many Tiny shards as possible and restore artifacts in the museum;
The exhibition profit depends on how many artifacts you have; the overall profit of the museum depends on how many exhibitions you have on display and how many exhibits in each of them;

You will notice a new exhibition is now available in your Archaeological museum: Mayan Artifacts!

You can also switch between them by using the blue arrows on the “Expositions” tab:
You can fulfill tasks at the mobile stand to get extra energy:
You will also be able to craft energy cans after you restore the Field Kitchen, so now there are more sources of energy available for you right from the very start of the location!
How to move further?

Simply find the Sealed Cave on the location, complete the requirements for opening it and you will be able to move on:

The Mayan Temple Archeological Dig: collect 2500 valuable finds in the given time to win this prize; you can get the valuable finds by removing any obstacles on the expedition map:
Club excavations:

Any activity on the expedition locations will also bring you Excavation points. If you are in a club, these points will contribute to the general progress of the club and will bring you extra rewards: extra purple energy, pearls, superbucks, artifact fragments, and items needed for upgrading the Archaeological museum.

You need to earn a minimum of 10 Excavation points for your club before you can collect your reward.

The biggest club reward for this event is the Hochob:
Expedition energy from the club:
How it works:
The Club keeps a log of excavation activity. It records daily expenditure of expedition energy by club members, as well as the club’s expenditure from all members put together.
Each club member has a daily limit. Energy use that exceeds that limit is not counted in the club’s total expenditure.
As soon as the club expenditure total reaches a certain milestone, all club members get a delivery of expedition energy. The more club members have taken part in the excavations, the bigger the delivery will be.

This log resets daily. Pay attention to the timer!
If you do not click the claim button in the time given before the timer resets then you do not get the reward!

Club tournament rating:

You must be member of a club to participate in the club expeditionary tournament;
Collect at least 10 excavation points on the expedition map to get into the club rating;
All club members who are in the first 500 places in the rating will receive special rewards;
A unique additional reward will be given to all club members, if their club finishes in the first 100 places of the rating;
You can't leave your club any more 3 days prior to the end of the club expeditionary tournament.