New holiday chests are in the game!
(available for level 15+)

Get keys and open them to get awesome prizes!

To open the chests you will need Celebration keys.

One of the chests is guaranteed to have the main prize - Grand Central Terminal in New York!

How to get keys:

>>> Keys are randomly dropped by the following buildings:
Zeimuls, Fisher Fine Arts Library, Balmoral Castle, Windmill, Supertanic Liner

>>> You can buy keys in our special offer:

>>> Complete the quests to get 10 keys:

Treasure Hunting I - 3 keys
Collect 10 microphones - Pub, Upgraded pub
Collect 7 screw wrenches - dropped randomly at friend's cities
Collect 9 fire extinguishes - Water tower, Upgraded water tower

Treasure Hunting II - 3 keys
Collect 7 reinforcements - Cargo port
Ask friends for 6 repair kits
Collect 20 pencils - Stationery shop, Upgraded stationery shop

Treasure Hunting III - 4 keys
Collect 21 jugs - Bakery, Upgraded bakery
Collect 17 valves - Premium cottage
Collect 22 pistons - Shoe shop, Upgraded shoe shop