Requirements: This quest will be received for players level 60+

What is new? You will get ice cream coins, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Ice Cream Tickets

The quest is designed in a similar way to a calendar: complete 5 tasks every day and you will get a guaranteed reward!

After you are done with the 5 tasks for the current day you have 2 options: you can complete additional tasks for the same day and earn extra rating points or buy access to another day with superbucks. In order to buy access to another day, simply click on it in the calendar and pay the fee for it. This is not mandatory, the access to another day will open by itself when the time for the current “default” day is up. However, please keep in mind you have the option to buy early access if you want to get the rewards faster or in order to complete the previous day and get five stars.

If you decide to buy access to another day:
access to this day will open for the entire duration of the “most delicious festival” quest;
buying a new day will not affect the time you have on your current day: let’s say you have 5 hours left on your current day and you decide to buy access to another day, you will still have those 5 hours on your current day, you will not lose them!
you will continue with the day next to the one you have by default at the moment when the current “default” day ends.

Good to know:

the timer depends on the “default” day, not on the one you bought, so please first of all focus on the “default” day. Buying other days and completing them is extra!
You get a reward if you complete a day with 5 stars. 5 completed tasks = 5 stars!
You move to the next day immediately after the end of the current “default” one. If you do not have time to finish all the daily tasks for the “default” day, for a few superbucks you can return and finish what you started.

Let’s take an example!

Our current “default” day is Day 5 and we still have 22 hours until it ends. We decided to buy another day, let’s say Day 7. For the time being, we have finished with Day 5 and we can only work on Day 7. We cannot buy any additional days until we are done with the additional day we have already bought and we are currently working on Day 7. However, after the 22 hours we still have for the current “default” Day 5 are up, Day 6 will open up for us. When we are done with the 5 tasks for Day 6, we may return and continue to work on Day 7, if we haven’t finished with it before, we have already bought access to it one time so now it will be available to us for the entire time of the event without additional charges.

Some rewards are available for a certain number of Ice Cream Coins.
You can see all the rewards on the first tab of the quest window:

Among these rewards are:
Small Sorbet Factory; 1-3 pearls, 1-3 energy, and 1000 coins every 24 hours; size is 3x3 and can be placed everywhere except snowy plateau

There is also a prize that can be obtained by completing all days on the calendar with 5 stars:

Italian Gelateria: 4500 coins,3-4 energies,3-4 pearls every 20 hours and 1 needed item for 16 days size is 5x4 and can be placed everywhere except snowy plateau.

The items that count towards the ratings are the Ice cream. It is necessary to collect at least 15 Ice Cream to enter the Ratings’ competition
Club Tournament

You must be a member of a club to participate in the club tournament;
Collect at least 15 Ice Cream tickets by completing tasks in the quest;
All club members who are in the first 500 places in the rating will receive special rewards;
A unique additional reward will be given to all club members if their club finishes in the first 100 places of the rating;

You can't leave your club any more than 3 days prior to the end of the club tournament.
Pay attention, the club tournament window has 2 tabs: the internal club rating and the all clubs’ rating!

Bubble Tea Cafe: 4000 coins,2-4 energy, and 2-5 pearls every 24 hours, size is 2x2 and can be placed everywhere except snowy plateau

After the end of the main promotion, the event store is open for another 3 days.