Requirements: Level 15+

Let’s remember how to play:
Every time you use a tool to clear cells, you will spend some green energy to use the tool. How much energy each tool requires is mentioned next to it.

Similar to the expedition energy, the green cellar energy:

Regenerates by itself;
You can claim 100 units every 12 hours;
By completing tasks from the cat you will find in the cellar;
You can buy it for superbucks or money.
(Note: the key that comes for completing the task for the cat, can be used to open the blue chests found in the cellar).
NOTE: players may get a chest and not have a task for a key before it - it is not an error

You can start breaking down the cells from left to right. Sometimes you will have to strike more than once, depending on how strong the cell is. If empty cells fall into the range of the tool, the unused energy will be returned to you.

Let’s remember what is on the field:

There are several ways to get rewards:

Collect the correct amount of helper tickets and you will get a prize!

More substantial prizes can be obtained for Flag coins in the event store. You can get the Flag coins by clearing the boxes in the cellar.

The main prize that you can get for Flag coins is the Kids Camp:

Kids Camp: 5000 coins, 2-3 candies, 2-3 energies Every 24 hours: size is 5x6 can be placed everywhere.

In the cellar you can find these other items as well:

Help Requests Tab:
Using these items you will be able to help the Supercity characters and get in exchange Help coupons. Get a full scale of Help coupons and the next character will appear. Help all 3 characters and you will get the main prize from this tab: Camp Bus!
Camp Bus: 4000 coins, 2-4 candies, 2-4 energies every 20 hours size is 3x2 can be placed everywhere.


For every action taken in the cellar, you will receive Sun Flags that will go towards the ratings! You can see how many you have by going to the ratings tab.

Rating Rewards:
Cup for the first place: Gold backpack; 3-5 superbucks, 3-5 candies every 24 hours for 16 days during the promotion

2nd place cup: Silver Backpack; 2-4 superbucks, 2-4 candies every 24 hours for 16 days during the promotion
3rd place cup: Bronze Backpack; 1-3 superbucks, 1-3 candies every 24 hours for 16 days during the promotion