Mini-expeditions last 9 days. There are 6 maps in total in expeditions. They repeat endlessly, but with each transition, they are updated - you can re-collect resources from them. This will help you collect the necessary items sooner!

Each map has tasks. For these tasks, you receive tiny shards, with the help of which you collect artifacts for the exhibition rooms of the Archaeological Museum.

The Archaeological Museum is located in your city and stands where you decide to put it. It will remain there after the expedition is over and will bring you profit.

In this expedition, players can only exhibit 3 expositions, additional rooms for new expositions are not available in this expedition.

You have probably noticed the4th tab in the Archaeological Museum. In this tab, you will see bonuses you get from exhibited expositions.

Here is how these bonuses work:
- There is a special bonus icon next to several expositions
- Once you have collected all the exhibits of the exposition marked with this icon, this icon turns blue
- When this icon turns blue, it means that the exposition marked with it can bring you a bonus
- To receive the bonus, you need to exhibit the exposition as only expositions exhibited in one of the three rooms will bring you bonuses:

- You will see the bonuses signs turn blue as you add the expositions:

- In the ‘Bonuses’ tab, you will see what bonuses you get for exhibiting these expositions:

- One exhibited exposition will unlock bonus level 1, two exhibited expositions will unlock bonus level 2 and three exhibited expositions will unlock all three levels (provided that you have completed all the 6 locations):

Now let’s go over the basics together:
Each location has a number of tasks to complete and lots of obstacles to remove. These obstacles will help you complete the tasks. You can find the task you need to complete on the left side of your expedition screen.

These tasks will help you with the main goal of the expedition. This goal is to obtain as many Tiny shards as possible and restore exhibits in the museum.

The exhibition profit depends on how many exhibits you have; the overall profit of the museum depends on how many exhibitions you have on display and how many exhibits in each of them.

As soon as you have completed all the tasks in the current location, you will be taken back to the place where you started and the following message will pop up:

If you choose to go on, you will see the following warning message:

If you click on the green button, you will be taken to the next location of the expedition.

PLEASE NOTE: once you have completed all the tasks in a location and left it, you cannot go back there. You will be able to access this location once again only after having completed all the other locations first!

Each location has the following buildings:

Field Kitchen
You can use nuts and berries that you collect on the location to produce expedition energy in the Field Kitchen.

Mobile Stand
You can use the items you collect on the location to buy more expedition energy.

If your Archaeological Museum has not been upgraded to maximum yet, you will also be able to get the following items in the Mobile Stand:

You will be able to apply these items in the ‘Upgrade’ tab of your museum to unlock more rooms.

PLEASE NOTE: once you have completed all the tasks in a location and left it, you cannot go back there. You will be able to access this location once again only after having completed all the other locations first! So, make sure you buy everything you need in the Mobile Stand before leaving the location!

Communication Van
This van will take you to your Archaeological museum immediately. Now you do not have to go back to your city to check up on your expositions! Just click on it, and the Archaeological Museum window will pop up.

Bonsai Studio

By removing obstacles, you get Valuable Finds.

If you collect 2500 of them, you will get an amazing Bonsai Studio.

Clubs’ Tournament

By participating in the archaeological dig, you earn points for your club. The more points you earn, the higher the position of your club is.
At the end of the competition, the clubs with the most points will receive banners that will bring bonuses to each club member within 16 days.

Club’s Excavation Plan

While removing obstacles, you earn club Excavation Points that are added to the general progress of the club.

The more active the club members are in the expedition, the quicker the club reaches its aims and the more rewards each member will get.

The Club Excavation Plan consists of two tabs:

- club aims:these are the aims of your club for the entire period of the archaeological expedition;

- excavation intensity is the daily resettable goals for the expenditure of expedition energy by the club members.

Club aims:You need to be a member of a club and score a minimum of 10 points to participate in club aims. After that, the more points the club members collect, the more prizes they will be able to receive: expedition energy, seasonal currency, marathon cards, superbucks and artifact fragments. The main prize for the club excavation is theTorii in the lake.

Excavation intensity:you need to be a member of the club and spend the energy of the expeditions. The more club members spend total energy, the more bonus energy from expeditions they can get. Note that each player has a limit on the energy spent per day, which is recorded. If you spend more energy, then it no longer goes into the total count for a day; the timer is reset daily at midnight UTC; to receive bonus energy, you need to click on the "Claim" button - energy is not added to you automatically! If you have not clicked to receive, then you will not be able to receive energy.

You will notice a new exhibition is now available in your Archaeological museum: Magnificent Japan!

The exhibits to be restored are:
  • Silk fan
  • Taiko drum
  • Samurai helmet
  • Silk kimono
  • Bonsai
  • Himeji Castle
  • Maneki-neko


You will see a special icon with an extra bonus task:

If you manage to collect the whole Japanese exposition within the indicated time, you will get a fabulous prize - Golden japanese lantern!