The Archaeological Museum is a unique building that allows you to receive various resources every day.

The museum consists of halls and expositions.
Each exposition is dedicated to a particular country or culture.
In order to receive resources from the museum, it is necessary to restore exhibits from the existing expositions and display the restored expositions in the museum.

How to get the Museum

Archaeological museum becomes available after level 15.
A special icon will appear in the game:
Сlicking on it will open a window where you will be able to receive the museum:
Victor Rich will explain to you why he wants to build a museum:
When he finishes his speech, you will be able to build a museum in your city: first it will be located in the city center, and after you unlock other locations, you will be able to move it there.
After you build the museum you'll go through a tutorial about bonuses. You will only need to press the "OK" button or click where the yellow arrow is pointing.
After the tutorial ends, please, close the museum window and open it again. You'll see the second tutorial, which works the same way as the first one.
When you complete the second tutorial, you will be able to finally use the museum!


Below you'll find basic information about the museum tabs. After reviewing all the tabs, we will explain how to use them to make money from the museum.

"Rooms" tab

This is the first tab you see when you access the museum:
This tab consists of two parts:
- below you can find the available expositions
You can scroll through them using the arrow buttons.
- above you can find the 3 halls and the information about bonuses
After you build a museum you will have only 1 hall available and the 2 others will be locked.
These slots will show the expositions that you are exhibiting in the museum at the moment and which, accordingly, bring you a profit. As long as you have nothing exhibited, these slots will be empty.

"Exhibitions" tab

In this tab you can find detailed information about each exposition. You can read about the exhibits here and restore them.
You can scroll through the expositions using the side buttons:

"Upgrades" tab

Here you can upgrade the museum.
Upgrades will allow you to have more halls to display your expositions.
You'll need special items to upgrade the museum: plywood sheets, facing stone and restrictive posts.
All of these items can only be obtained during archaeological expeditions.

"Bonuses" tab

This tab contains bonuses that you receive for exhibiting certain expositions during an archaeological expedition.
Outside of an archaeological expedition, this tab always looks like this:
During an archaeological expedition your active and not yet unlocked bonuses will be displayed there.


As mentioned earlier, in order to receive resources from the museum, it is necessary to restore exhibits from the expositions and display the restored expositions in the museum.
Two types of items are used to restore exhibits:
- tiny shards
- pieces of artifacts
These items can only be obtained during an archaeological expedition.
To restore each exhibit, you need to collect and spend a certain number of tiny fragments.
To find out how many fragments are required to restore a particular exhibit, you need to click on the exhibit.
When you have accumulated the required number of tiny fragments, the "Restore" button will turn green and you can restore the exhibit. The specified number of fragments will be written off.
PLEASE NOTE: you can restore exhibits in each exposition only in a certain order.
The exhibits that you can currently restore (by collecting the required amount of resources) are marked in yellow.
Exhibits which can't be restored at the moment are marked in gray.
To unlock access to these exhibits, you must first restore the available (yellow) exhibits. After they are restored, you'll get access to other, locked exhibits.
Be careful: you won't be able to reverse the application of the tiny shards!

How to use artifact fragments

Artifact Fragment replaces 5 Tiny Shards. However, it cannot be used at any time.
It can only be used a limited number of times and only for certain exhibits.
How to use an artifact fragment:
1) Make sure that a fragment can be applied to this exhibit.
To do this, click on the exhibit marked in yellow and look in the lower right corner of the window.
If there is nothing there, then a fragment cannot be used to restore this exhibit.
If there is an icon of an artifact fragment, then it can be applied to this exhibit.
2) Apply an artifact fragment.
To do this, you just need to click on its icon.
After that, the icon will change color from pale to bright brown, and "+5" will appear in the exhibit restoration bar.
If two fragments can be used to restore an exhibit, this will also be indicated in the lower right corner of the window.
You can't use more than two fragments of an artifact for one exhibit.
BE CAREFUL:  you won't be able to reverse the application of the artifact fragments!


Restored expositions can bring profit to your city, but only if they are exhibited in the museum. So it is very important to set up an exposition with restored exhibits in the museum hall as soon as possible.

How to display an exposition:  

1. Go to the "Halls" tab.
This tab opens automatically as soon as you enter the museum.
2. Find an exposition with restored exhibits and press the green button below it.
To the right of the icon of each exhibition you can see the number of restored exhibits in it.
3. Check the daily profit from the museum.
After pressing the green button, the exposition will appear in the window above, and the window on the right will indicate the total profit that you will receive from the displayed expositions every 24 hours.
The more halls you have unlocked and the more expositions are exhibited there, the more profit you will receive from the museum.

Bonus for the complete exposition

The game has a special bonus for the complete exposition. It is issued within 16 days from the date of the exposition completion.
The timer and bonus details can be viewed in the exposition window.
To receive a bonus, you need to completely restore the exhibits of one exposition and display the exposition in the museum hall.


The more halls you have unlocked and the more expositions are exhibited there, the more profit you will receive from the museum. Therefore, it is very important to upgrade your museum as early as possible. When the museum is upgraded, new halls are unlocked where expositions can be exhibited.
To improve the museum, you need to collect a certain number of plywood sheets, facing stones and restrictive posts. After that, you need to go to the "Improvements" tab in the museum and spend them there.
Where to find items to improve the museum:
The archaeological expedition consists of six small locations, you go through them one after another.
Each location has a mobile stand.
In it you can buy expedition energy, and if your archaeological museum has not yet been upgraded to the maximum, you can buy the following items:
You will be able to apply these items in the "Upgrades" tab of your museum to unlock more halls.

PLEASE NOTE: after you have completed all the tasks in the location and left it, you will not be able to return there. You will only be able to access this location again after you have completed all the other locations first! So don't forget to buy everything you need in the mobile shop before you leave the location!
Stages of museum upgrades:
- Archaeological Museum (1 exhibition hall)
- Upgraded Archaeological Museum (2 exhibition halls)
- Expanded archaeological museum (3 exhibition halls)
After upgrading the museum to level 3, three exhibition halls will become available to you, and the "Upgrades" tab will become locked.


The last tab becomes active only during the expedition.
At the beginning of the expedition, it looks like this:
During the expedition, you can unlock three bonuses one after another: the level 1 bonus, then the level 2 bonus, and then the level 3 bonus.

To unlock bonuses, you need to go through the locations of the expedition and completely restore certain exhibits in the museum and display them in the halls.
How it works:
- You can see this icon near some of the expositions
- If the exposition is complete, this icon turns blue
- When the icon turns blue, you need to display this exposition in one of the halls, since only displayed expositions will bring bonuses.
- You will see how the bonus icons turn blue when you put exhibits in the halls:
- In the "Bonuses" tab, you will see exactly what bonuses you will receive for exhibiting the expositions marked with this icon
- One exhibited exposition with a special sign will unlock the first bonus level for you, two expositions will unlock two bonus levels, and three will unlock all three bonus levels.

Each expedition set of bonus expositions will change.