Requirements: Level 15+

How to play: Play the game, earn at least 80 points to get player tokens and participation certificates to fill the reward bar, once the bar is full, you can open the gift box and get one of 6 rewards.

The more you play and the more dice you remove, the more points you can get and move up in the ratings.

Please note: there’s a limit to how many turns you have.

To begin playing you will click on the play button, it will take away 1 heart each time.

Each player will start with 25 turns (just like the mini-game in the expedition)

How to obtain lives:
- lives are restored automatically. It takes 1 hour to restore one life.

- you can buy lives for superbucks.

You can buy more lives to continue if you run out of turns while playing. Each time you purchase more, it will increase in the price.
You can also keep track of how many points you have on the right side of the game window.

The scale for personal rewards is progressive, meaning the number of points required for the subsequent filling of the scale will change.
The number of points depends on how many stars ⭐were received for completing the level.

After filling the scale, the player will be able to open one of the boxes, which will contain a random prize.

Main Reward: Villa of Merchant Golovanov: 4900 coins; 1 experience; 1 - 4 energies; 2-3 baubles every 23 hours; size 10*6 can be placed everywhere

Rating Tab:
You need at least 15 participation certificates to enter the ratings.

The first 25 top players get rewards:

1st place reward: 35 superbucks, 45 baubles
2nd place reward: 25 superbucks, 40 baubles
3rd place reward: 15 superbucks, 35 baubles        

4-6 places reward: 30 baubles

7-10 places reward: 25 baubles
11-15  places reward: 20 baubles
16-20 places reward: 15 baubles
21-25 places reward: 10 baubles