Requirements: You should also have cleared the blockage leading to the Snow Plateau.

In this quest, you need to send trains with goods that you can collect in your city.

Please note that you have 3 different trains:

Each train has its own loading time, during which you need to have time to load the goods into the cars. When the timer expires, the train leaves automatically. At the start of the event, the player has 3 carriages in each of the trains. The maximum number of cars that can be on each of the trains is 5.

After the train leaves, you need to wait until the next train arrives, but you can skip the waiting time for superbucks:

Each train can be upgraded:

Enhanced Engines:

Enhanced Engines will shorten the time of the train’s return until the end of the event.

The engine can be obtained by achieving some basic goals (3,6,9 stages) or bought for superbucks

After receiving/purchasing an enhanced engine, do not forget to place it on one of the trains:

Each train needs a separate enhanced engine. The enhanced engine reduces the waiting time for a new train to arrive by an hour (3 hours instead of 4). Once installed, the engine remains on the train until the end of the quest, i.e. if you have already installed the engine on one of the trains, then it will remain on this train and the train will return 1 hour faster each time.

Freight car: With the new cars, you will be able to transport more goods in one trip.

The car can be obtained by achieving some of the main goals (1,2,4,5,7,8 stages)

or can be bought for superbucks.

After receiving/purchasing an additional car, do not forget to install it on one of the trains:

After installation, the car remains on the train until the end of the quest, i.e. if you have already installed an additional car on one of the trains, then it will remain on this train and the train will return with an additional car each time.

The more cars you load, the more Snow Exploerer Coats, Snow Keyrings, and Snowshoes you can get:

1 loaded car- 1 Polar Explorer Coat, 1 Snow Keyring, 1 Showshoe;

2 loaded cars - 3 Polar Explorer Coats, 3 Snowflake Keyrings, 3 Snowshoes;

3 loaded cars - 5 Polar Explorer Coast, 5 Snowflake Keyrings, 5 Snowshoes;

4 loaded cars - 7 Polar Explorer Coats, 7 Snowflake Keyrings, 7 Snowshoes,

5 loaded cars - 10 Polar Explorer Coats, 10 Snowflake Keyrings, 10 Snowshoes

Basic Goal: For each loaded carriage and train sent, you receive:Polar Explorer Coats, Snowflake Keyrings, and Snowshoes

There are 10 stages in total for the basic goals. At the end of each stage you will also receive a prize - 1 freight car (stages 1,2,4,5,7,8)   or 1 enhanced engine (stages 3,6,9).

If at the time of reaching the stage you already have all the cars and/or engines, then you will receive 10 Snow Explorer Coats and 10, Snowflake Keyrings.

The main reward is the Snow Research Facility: 4,500 coins, 3-5 baubles every 20 hours, can be placed everywhere; size is 6x6

“Snowflake Keyrings” are needed for the Daily Goals

There are 5 stages in the Daily Goals, after completing each of which you will receive prizes - baubles (stages 1 and 3), archive cards (stages 2 and 4), or a special box in which you can get a treasure hunter's shovel, roulette token or winter key.

You have 24 hours to complete your daily goals. After that, all progress of the daily goals is reset and you collect the “Snowflake Keyrings” again.

“Snowshoes” are needed for the personal rating

You need to collect 15 Snowshoes to enter the tournament.

For the first 3 places in the personal rating, players will receive cups:

Gold Barometer

Silver Barometer

Bronze Barometer