Selling, buying, lending or transferring game profiles to other players, including friends or family members, are against our Terms of Use.
When installing the game you agree that you will not sell/transfer or try to sell/transfer your ingame profile to any other person.
Requests to transfer your profile (transfer of game progress) to another player will be rejected without fail.
You can transfer progress only between your profiles and only if access to your social network profile (and, as a result, to game progress) is blocked and there is evidence of this, which we will definitely ask you to provide.

The consequences of the violation: all game profiles detected in selling/transferring or attempts to sell/transfer to any other person are banned permanently with no ability to debate the penalty.
All such violations are addressed by Administrators  with all seriousness. Please note that any message posted in the game chat or official game community and containing an intention to sell/transfer the profile is treated as evidence of an attempt to sell/transfer the profile.
We remind that any topic regarding selling/transferring the game profile/using cheats is not a joke.

Any attempt to 'phish' for another player's game profile will also result in disciplinary action taken against the phisher's profile(s). We reserve the right to permanently ban such a game profile.

We kindly recommend all the players to follow the existing rules to avoid the profile ban.