Welcome to the new Club Regatta!
To participate in the Regatta, you need to be a member of a country club (available for players of level 30+).

You need to join a country club or create your own before the start of the regatta. If you join the club after the start of the regatta, then you will not be able to take part in the competition and, accordingly, receive prizes.

Prizes are given to players after the end of the regatta - if you leave the club during the regatta, you will not be able to receive the prizes. In this case, your points will remain in the club.

The active part of the regatta lasts 6 days.

To enter the regatta, you can use the icon on the right:

or go through the island, which is specially decorated for the event:


In the regatta, you need to complete quests.
The same set of 9 quests is available to all players.
During the entire regatta, each player can take 7 free and 2 paid quests (10 superbucks each).
Please note: 9 tasks for each player are given exactly for ALL TIME of the event, and not for one day!
For each quest, you have a completion time in which you need to meet in order to get regatta points: here you see how many points you will get and how long you have to complete the quests.

In order to pick up a quest for completion, you need to click the "Accept quest" button!

After that, the task will disappear from the general list and will be available to you in the "Active quests" field:

Also in the Active Quests, you can see which of the quests your teammates took.
You will also be able to decline an already accepted quest - to do this, use the "Decline" button.
Please note that in this case you will not receive regatta points, and the quest will still be considered as one of the 7 available for the entire regatta!

After you have taken the quest for yourself, it disappears from the order board and a timer for waiting for a new order appears in its place - 30 minutes.
If you try taking the quest that was already taken by another member or was deleted, you will receive a message "Quest unavailable". Any member of the club can speed up the waiting time for superbucks (the cost depends on the waiting time):

In the completed quests, you will be able to view all the quests that you have taken. Successful quests (those that you have completed) will have a green background, failed ones (those that you took, but did
not complete in the allotted time, or those that you took and then declined) will have a red background:

Players also have access to information on the number of tasks taken and points scored by their teammates - the "Statistics" button.

The president and vice-presidents of the club have access to editing quests - they can delete quests from the board (after that, there will also be a waiting time of 30 minutes before a new quest appears).

After completing 7 main quests, the player has the opportunity to additionally buy 2 quests to complete:

Paid quests are no different from free ones, the cost of each is 10 superbucks:


In the "Race" tab, you can see the position of your club's yacht and your rivals' yachts.
You can see not all of your rivals, but only the first three places and your opponents who scored immediately above and below you.
There are buoys-control points for all yachts. As soon as your club scores a certain number of points and passes the checkpoint, rewards become available to players (see further information on the "Rewards" tab).


After the end of the regatta, it will take some time to sum up the results and give out the rewards. The timer will indicate the time remaining until the rewards are given.
If a player leaves the club before receiving the rewards, this will not affect the club's score and its place in the final ranking, since according to the rules of the regatta, the points earned by the player who left the club remain in the club.


- 3 clubs that will gain more points in the regatta and will do it faster will receive a special trophy as a reward - Steering Wheel of the league, which will also bring in-game bonuses within the allotted time. Also, the first 3 clubs move to a league of a higher rank, where they will compete in the next regatta. The higher the league, the more cool rewards club members can get!
- If a club finished the competition in 4-15th place in the league and passed at least one control point (buoy), it remains in the same league. The rating reward (Steering Wheel of the league) is not issued.
- If a club could not pass any checkpoint, it goes down in the league with a lower rating.
Please note that in the first run of the regatta, all clubs were in the same league.
There will be two leagues in this launch: the first league includes clubs that did not participate in the last regatta, and the second (higher) league includes clubs that participated in the first regatta.


Rewards are given to players after the end of the regatta - if you leave the club during the regatta, you will not be able to receive your reward. During the active phase of the regatta, you can see what rewards you can get in each column.

After the end of the active phase of the regatta, the rewards window will look like this:

That is, depending on how many checkpoints you have passed, the corresponding number of columns with rewards will be available to you. If you have passed 1 buoy, only rewards from the first column will be unlocked for you. If you have passed 2 buoys, rewards from the first and second column will be unlocked. If you have passed all five buoys, all columns will be available to you.
For each checkpoint, you have 3 rewards to choose from. Rewards appear randomly and are chosen from the list that you can see when you click on the yellow arrow - you can pick up one reward in each column only, you can also decide which reward to choose.

You need to click on the reward icon to select it. After selection, the box with the selected reward will turn yellow:

You can cancel the selected reward in the column if you change your mind. To do this, you need to click on the selected reward (with a yellow background) again, and the selection will be canceled.

If you don't like any of the rewards from the three boxes in the column, you can shuffle the rewards. To do this, you need to click the yellow "Refresh" button at the bottom. Shuffling rewards costs 30 seasonal currency.

How reward shuffling works:

BE CAREFUL: the button works simultaneously for all columns in which you have not chosen a reward yet! That is, if you have 5 columns available and you select a reward in one and click "Refresh", the rewards in the remaining 4 columns will be shuffled.
To get the most out of the reward shuffling feature, we recommend that you first select the rewards in the columns you like and shuffle the rewards in the rest of the columns.
The number of uses of the Refresh button has no limit. The cost of each subsequent shuffling does not change - it is always 30 seasonal currency.
Please note: shuffling rewards does not guarantee that you will receive different rewards!
After you have selected rewards in all columns available to you, the "Refresh" button will become inactive, and the "Collect" button will become active. You need to click on it to receive rewards.

After the end of the active phase of the regatta, the rewards window will be available for a few more days. You need to select rewards during this time and click "Collect". If you don't, the rewards will be lost!

Important Note:
The steering wheel is the property of the club. You can only get resources from it if you are in the club where you played the regatta. If you leave the club in which you played the regatta, then your Steering wheel will disappear.
If you join another club that has also received the Steering Wheel, you will still not be able to receive any resources from that Steering Wheel.