Requirements: Level 15+

Please note: Only the old buildings will be added to the blueprints at the start of the event.
New buildings from the event will be added to the blueprint shop later.

How to play?

1. Choose the instrument you'd like to dig with.

2. Click on any square on the field to dig.

3. Receive the prize! The prizes include superbucks, seasonal currency, Explorer's coins and more!

4. Continue digging to find a magic key that can be exchanged for one of the two main prizes:

Matsumoto castle: 8x9, can be placed anywhere
Every 24 hours drops:
  • 4200 coins;
  • 1 experience;
  • 1 - 3 energy
  • 1-4 daffodils

Henryk Sienkiewicz Museum: 9x8, can be placed anywhere
Every 23 hours drops:
  • 4100 coins;
  • 1 experience;
  • 2-3 energy;
  • 1-3 daffodils

Please note:  If you fail to exchange your magic key for one of the 2 prize buildings, in the end of the event the key will be converted into 750 lucky cards that you can use in the blueprint shop to buy one of the prize buildings.

Please note: The 3rd magic key can be used to open a chest with 750 lucky cards that you can then exchange for the blueprints of chest buildings in the blueprint shop.

You can refresh the field in 2 ways:
  • After finding the magic key you can move to a new field free of cost.
  • After you dig out all the squares, the field renews automatically.

Your instruments:

You can choose between a shovel and a tractor to search for the treasure:
Shovel: digs only in 1 square

Tractor: digs in 4 squares at once. If the tractor's digging zone intersected with an already uncovered square(s), these squares will be refunded to you in the form of shovels.

How to get the shovels?

You start with 10 free prospector’s shovels

You can also claim:
1 free shovel every 8 hours
and up to 3 in 24 hours.

Please note: You can have 10 free shovels maximum at any given time. If you reach this limit, you won't be able to claim any new shovels until you spend at least one.

You can buy the regular shovels for superbucks or real money.

Note: On the field you might find a discount coupon: use it to get a discount on the shovel offers! The discount coupon lasts for 12 hours once you find it, but you can only use it 1 time.

What are the Explorer’s Coins?

You can find the explorer’s coins on the field. You can use these coins in the "Treasures" tab to get buildings, decorations, or items you need for quests!

On the left here you can find items you need in the quests, the list is constantly updated.
On the right you can find other valuable rewards you can buy for Explorer's coins: buildings, decors, superbucks and more!

Please note: After the Treasure hunt ends, the event store will work for 2 more days. However, after the store closes, too, all your unspent Treasure coins will be automatically converted into valuable items (lucky cards and regular energy).