New spring chests are already on!

Requirements: Level 15+
To start opening chests, click on the chest icon in the menu on the right:

Open chests and get guaranteed prizes!
In total, you can open 45 chests. The reward you get from each chest is determined randomly.

The main prize is Hotel New York

How to open chests

To open chests, you will need keys. Each chest requires 9 spring keys.

There are three ways to get keys:

1. Completing quests
Key quests will appear one after the other in the menu on the left side

Like the Good Ol’ Days I
Collect 10 saws (Colonial House, Upgraded Colonial House)
Collect 2 pins (Fashion Boutique, Upgraded Fashion Boutique)
Collect 10 potions (Pub, Upgraded Pub)

Like the Good Ol’ Days II
Collect 5 cups of camomile tea (ask friends)
Collect 12 freeze gel tubes (Convenience store, Upgraded Convenience Store)
Collect 27 towels (Recreational Cottage, Upgraded Recreational Cottage)

Like the Good Ol’ Days III
Collect 6 bars of soap (Cosmetics Boutique)
Collect 5 paintbrushes (ask friends)
Collect 5 seals (Administration)

2. Collecting profits from certain buildings
Bridge: 1 key every 24 hours
Beauty Fair: 1 key every 8 hours
Ateneum: 2-3 keys every 24 hours
San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane: 2-3 keys every 24 hours
Myeongdong Cathedral: 2-3 keys every 24 hours

3. Purchasing keys for a special offer

Special offer

Note: the building gives spring keys only as long as the chests are on.