Archaeological expeditions last 9 days and are available from level 15.

These are the rules:

There are 6 maps in total in expeditions. They repeat endlessly, but with each transition, they are updated - you can re-collect resources from them. This will help you  collect the necessary items sooner!

There are a number of tasks on every map. When you complete the tasks, you receive tiny shards that you can use to restore the museum exhibits in the Archaeological Museum.

The Archaeological Museum is located in your city and remains where you decide to place it. It will remain there after the completion of the expeditions and will bring you profit.

Players can only exhibit 3 expositions in the Museum at the moment as there are 3 rooms available in total.

Now let's go over the basic rules again:

In each location, you need to complete a series of tasks and remove many obstacles. These obstacles will help you complete tasks. You can find the task you need to complete on the left side of the expedition screen.

These tasks will help you achieve the main goal of the expedition. This goal is to get as many tiny shards as possible and restore the exhibits in the museum. Exposition profit depends on how many exhibits you have; the total profit of the museum depends on how many exhibits you exhibited and how many exhibits there are in each of them.

Also, for club activity in club excavations, you can get an artifact fragment.This item allows you to spend less tiny shards to restore exhibits. Don't forget to click on it to activate it!

Once you have completed all the tasks in the current location, you will return to the place where you started the location from, and the following message will appear:

If you want to go to the next location, the following message will appear:

If you press the green button, you will be taken to the next location of the expedition.

PLEASE NOTE: after you have completed all the tasks in the location and left it, you will not be able to return there. You will only be able to access this location again after you have completed all the other locations first!

Each location has the following buildings:

Field Kitchen

You can use the nuts and berries collected at the location to produce expedition energy in the field kitchen.

Mobile Stand

You can use the items you collect in the location to buy more expedition energy.

If your Archaeological Museum has not yet been maxed out, you will also be able to purchase the following items from the Mobile Stand:

You will be able to apply these items in the 'Upgrades' tab of your museum to unlock more halls.

The amount of energy you can buy in the stand is not limited, and you can buy only one upgrade item of each type per location. After you move to the next location, they will appear in the mobile stand again.

PLEASE NOTE: after you have completed all the tasks in the location and left it, you will not be able to return there. You will only be able to access this location again after you have completed all the other locations first! So don't forget to buy everything you need in the Mobile Stand before you leave the location!

Communication Van

This van will immediately take you to your Archaeological Museum. Now you don't have to go back to your city to check your expositions! Just click on the van and the Archaeological Museum window will appear.


You have a chance to earn an additional reward in the expedition!
On the right side, you can see the icon of an additional task:

You need to collect all the exhibits of the Phoenician exposition before the end of the expedition in order to get the Golden Vase. Bonuses will drop from the Vase within 16 days.

Please note that the Golden Vase will not automatically be added to your inventory after you have collected the entire exposition! It will need to be picked up in the window that opens by clicking on the Golden Vase icon on the right by clicking on the Claim button.

Solomon's Temple Excavation

Collect valuable finds to get Solomon's Temple (the icon for this quest is only visible when you are in the expedition location). To receive a reward, you need to collect 2500 valuable finds. Please note that the building is not part of the exhibition at the Archaeological Museum and is optional.
This is a separate building that will bring you bonuses:

Club's excavations

When you remove obstacles from the map, you get points for the Club's Excavation Plan.
There are two tabs in the Club Excavation Plan:
-- Club Aims: these are your club's aims for the entire expedition
-- Excavation Intensity: updated daily tasks for spending energy by club members

Club Aims: You need to be a club member and have a minimum of 10 points to participate in Club Aims. The more points the participants collect, the more prizes the club will receive: expedition energy, seasonal currency, marathon cards, superbucks and artifact fragments.

Club Excavation main prize: Phoenician House

Excavation Intensity: You need to be a member of the club and spend expedition energy. The more expedition energy the participants spend, the more bonus energy they will be able to receive from the expedition.

-- The amount of energy that goes towards club goals is limited for each player. If you spend more energy, it will not count.
-- The timer resets daily at 12:00 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time, 3 hours behind Moscow time)
-- To get bonus energy, you need to click on the Claim button, energy is not automatically credited to you!

Clubs' Tournament

By clearing obstacles in the expedition, you also earn club excavation points.

At the end of the competition, members of the club with the most points will receive banners that will bring bonuses for 16 days.

New room in the museum: Phoenicia's treasure!

To collect the entire Phoenicia's treasure exposition, you need to use the fragments and restore the exhibits of this exposition.
There are 7 in total:

    Women's suit
    Gold dish
    Phoenician lion
    Hedgehog-shaped jar of perfume
    Phoenician bas-relief
    Solomon's temple

If you did not have enough time to collect the full exposition in other rooms, you can do it now!
As soon as you collect the entire exposition, it will begin to bring you bonuses for 16 days: do not forget to display it in one of the museum rooms, as the timer will start counting from the moment the last exhibit was restored!