Requirements: Level 15+

To start the game click on the icon in the right menu:

This is the start page of the game and to begin playing you will click on the play button, it will take away 1 heart each time.

Each player will start with 5 hearts.

How to obtain lives?
- lives are restored automatically. It takes 40 minutes to restore one life.

- you can buy lives for superbucks.
One life is wasted only when you fail to reach the finish line.

How to play?

You have to help the car move through the platforms creating bridges between them.
The bridge is built by pressing the mouse button: the longer you hold the button, the longer the bridge becomes.

Important: you need to keep pressing the mouse button to make the bridge longer!

If the bridge is too short the car will not reach the platform and fall off it. If the bridge is too long, the car will run over the platform and also fall off it.

The number of platforms is shown in the center of the playing field:

For reaching the platform you get 1 Player token.
For reaching the center of the platform - 2 tokens.

In the left corner of the playing field you find a tape measure that will help you calculate the length of  the bridge to get to the center of the platform and receive two tokens.

The tape measure is active for a short period of time which is displayed in the scale and starts after clicking on the tape measure icon.

If the car falls off the platform you can continue playing for superbucks and in this case you will get one tape measure as a gift!
Please note that with each "car crash" at the same level of the game the amount of superbucks needed to continue the game is higher!

If you run out of tape measures you can purchase them for superbucks or real money in the Tape measure shop by clicking on the same tape measure icon in the left corner of the playing field. You can buy tape measures only when you don't have any.

When finishing the track you get:

player tokens   to fill the reward bar,

and participation certificates  for individual ranking.
You can keep track of your place in the rankings in the "Ratings" tab.


You can view all the rewards available in the event by clicking on the "View rewards" button on the start page of the mini-game.

As soon as the reward bar is filled, you will see the rewards window.

Event rewards fall into three categories:
- the rewards that you can get for infinite number of times. These include base energy, lucky cards and useful items.

- the rewards that you can get only for a certain number of times. These include the rest of the rewards in the event. Under the icon of each reward there is maximum amount that they can be obtained during the
whole event.

After filling the reward bar you will be able to open one of 6 boxes, which will contain a random prize. You have to click Unlock and Collect afterwards.

- the main reward which can be received only once:
National Museum of Cambodia - 7x10, can be placed in any location

Every 23 hours: 4900 coins, 1-4 energy, 3-4 pearls/candies

A detailed video how to play: