Requirements: level 15+
In this event, you can open chests and receive guaranteed prizes from each of them.
There are 45 chests in total and rewards drop on a random basis.

The main reward is Kinský Palace, size 7x5, can be placed anywhere
Every 24 hours: 4200 coins, 1-3 candies, 1-3 energy

Each chest can be opened with 9 Autumn Keys
There are 3 ways to get the Keys:

1. Completing quests
Key quests will appear one after the other in the menu on the left side

Croissants at the Fair I - 3 keys
Collect 13 bottles of vitamins (Farm, Upgraded Farm when collecting strawberries)
Collect 12 bags of flower (Bistro, Upgraded Bistro)
Collect 6 air balloons (friends' cities, drop randomly)

Croissants at the Fair II - 3 keys
Collect 9 fire extinguishers (Water Tower, Upgraded Water Tower)
Collect 10 love letters (Colonial House, Upgraded Colonial House)
Collect 6 pony's combs (ask friends)

Croissants at the Fair  III - 4 keys
Collect 14 spools of thread (collect wool, tulle, denim, printed cotton, linen,  Venetian lace, silk, velvet, lace from Textile Factory; collect wool, felt, cashmere from Upgraded Textile Factory)
Collect 10 chewing gums (Convenience Store, Upgraded Convenience Store)
Collect 3 first aid kits (Drugstore)

2. Collect profits from certain buildings:
Bridge: 1 key every 24 hours
Beauty Fair: 1 key every 8 hours
Petäjävesi Old Church: 2-3 keys every 24 hours
Hockey Hall of Fame: 2-3 keys every 24 hours
Ortaköy Mosque: 2-3 keys every 24 hours

3. Purchasing keys from a special offer

Unique offer: Hockey Hall of Fame, size 6*9, can be placed anywhere

Every 24 hours: 4000 coins, 1-4 candies, 1-4 energy, 2-3 keys during the promotion