Requirements: Level 15+

Please take a few moments and read the rules:
You'll see quest tasks on the left:
It is VERY IMPORTANT that you follow the quests on the LEFT SIDE of the game in the order they are given! If you just start clearing the field and not doing the quests in order, you will struggle and get stuck
until you complete them. Do all the top quests first then continue to do the others under.

You find the other tasks on the right side of the screen:

Clubs' tournament

To participate in the clubs' tournament, you need to be a member of the club. For every 100 energy units spent, you get 1 ticket, which goes to the overall club rating. To participate in the club rating, you need
to collect 10 tickets. You get them by removing obstacles on the expedition location.

All members of the clubs that have taken the leading places will be able to receive a special reward - banners that will bring game bonuses within the allotted period.
In addition, members of such clubs will be able to get a unique building - Jack Pumpkinhead House
Every 24 hours: 4000 coins, 2-4 energy, 2-4 candies, 1 experience

We remind you that players cannot join or leave the club 3 days before the end of the Expedition.

Broomstick Race

In order to get the reward for your city, you need to collect 300 Racing Brooms by completing orders and delivering useful items.

How it works:
1. First of all, you need to restore the Workshop.

2.  Then collect strong wood logs and pieces of ore to produce garden shovels.

3.  Use the garden shovels to remove Closed Chests and Magic Powder Sacks on the expedition field. These will bring you Racing Hats and Flying Powder Jars.

4. Restore the Broomstick Race building.

5. In the task window of the restored building, use the Racing Hats and Flying Powder Jars to get points (Racing Brooms).

6. Collect 300 Racing Brooms to get the final reward - the Broomstick Race.
Every 24 hours: 6000 coins, 3-6 candies, 1 useful item, 2-5 energy

Expedition rewards

On the first tab, you see the expedition tasks you need to complete to get points and obtain the Halloween Carnival.

This is a collection of multiple pieces:

Pumpkin Car
1200 coins, 1 energy every 20 hours

Mysterious Tree
1400 coins, 1 energy every 24 hours

Creepy Souvenir Store
3000 coins, 1-2 energy, 1 candy every 20 hours

Tarot Tent
3500 coins,1-3 energy, 1 candy every 24 hours

Predator Garden
4000 coins, 1-3 energy, 1-2 candies every 20 hours

Magician's Performance
4500 coins, 1-4 energy, 2-3 candies every 16 hours

Creepy Monster Dwelling
4500 coins, 2-5 energy, 3-4 candies every 12 hours

Please note that some tasks are now divided into stages and have a special sign:

As soon as you complete the first stage the second one will become active.

In the second tab, you can see details about each reward: Remember to click on the Claim button to get your rewards!

Remember!  Standard rewards are in the bottom row;  the upper row consists of additional rewards that players can receive only after purchasing an Expedition Key.

Please note that you can receive Expedition Key rewards in
the same way as the main ones - only after receiving a certain number of

Classical individual ratings

To enter the ratings, you need to collect at least 8 Fruit Salads
You need to find Fruit trees on the map:
For using 45 energy you will get Fruit Boxes:
Pay attention to these as the trees do regenerate over time. You can speed these up using superbucks if you don’t want to wait for them to regenerate on their own.
After you collect the Fruit Box you can start the rating mini game. To do this, click the button in the screenshot below:

After that, you can start playing. You need to find combinations of 2 or more fruits of the same color and click them (the more cells in the combination, the more points you can get for the combination).
Please note that you are given 25 moves to start:
By collecting combinations, you get points for the scale with stars (85, 110, 125 points):
If you have run out of moves, but you want to continue playing, then you can buy 5 moves for seasonal currency.

Please note that when you buy turns, the 2nd & 3rd additional times for one game will cost more.

For each star in the game, you get a Fruit salad for the rating - 1 star - 1 salad, 2 stars - 2 salads, 3 stars - 5 salads:

If you choose to leave the mini-game your progress will be saved and you can continue later.
You can also access the mini game by clicking on the icon shown below:

Fruit delivery

Every 6 hours, there is a free fruit delivery ready for you. You can claim fruit boxes for the mini game by clicking on this icon:
You need to click the Claim button to get the fruit boxes.

The first 3 places in the personal rating receive cups:

There two types of bombs available in the expedition:

- Regular bombs can be placed anywhere and blown up to receive resources

- Stationary bombs cannot be moved and are activated in their fixed spot on the map

You can activate one stationary bomb for free; the rest will cost superbucks to activate.

After restoring the shop and the stalls, you can fill orders there to receive energy and regular coins

Some of the other restored buildings will bring you energy too:

After restoring the 'Energize' cafe, you will be able to create cans of energy.