Requirements: Level 15+

In order to access the quest, you need to click on the icon on the right:
After that, the quest window will pop up - it's time to play!

“Cellar” Tab

You need to remove obstacles in the cellar and collect items from them.

When removing obstacles, you move from left to right.
If any of the cells have already moved outside the window to the left, you cannot make them return.

Please note! You can only remove an obstacle that has at least one free side! Obstacles that can be removed at the moment are transparent:

You can use various tools to remove obstacles; using a tool consumes a certain amount of energy:

Each of the tools helps clear a certain number of cellar cells:
- clove - 1 cell

- screwdriver - the entire vertical row of cells

- saw - 9 cells

If  empty cells of the field (spaces, not boxes or crates) fall into the tool's coverage area, then the energy for them will not be written off.
For  example, here in the first vertical row, there are 2 boxes and 3 empty cells.
Therefore, when using a screwdriver, 10 energy will be written off (5 for each box):

There are three types of obstacles on the field:

- box: destroyed with one hit of any tool

- crate: destroyed by two hits of any tool

- stack of newspapers: this is an indestructible obstacle, it must be bypassed

On the field, you can find the following items:

- coins and goods for the main game

- event coins

-cellar energy

- items to help the citizens

You can also meet mice that will offer you a task:

For  completing tasks from mice, you can get various items as a reward: cellar energy, event coins, items to help the citizens, a chest key.
Please note: not every mouse gives you a chest key.

If you have completed a task to get a chest key, you will see it added in the respective field:
This field will allow you to always see how many keys you have.

A chest is a special cell that can be opened with a key OR for 20 superbucks and will give you specific rewards: the items you need to make help tickets to help citizens.

Please note that you can reach the chest, but you may not have a key for it - this is not an error!  You can open the chest for superbucks or skip it. You don't have to open all the chests on the field.

“Event store” Tab

For the event store, you need coins that you get when removing obstacles in the cellar:

You can purchase various rewards in the event store for event coins:

The main reward you can get in the event store is the Little Art School (can be placed anywhere except Snow Plateau)

Every 24 hours: 5000 coins, 2-3 candies/baubles, 2-3 energy

“Help requests” Tab

By helping the citizens, you can get a unique reward - Artist's House
Every 20 hours: 4000 coins, 2-4 candies/baubles, 2-4 energy

To get it, you need to accumulate help tickets using the items collected on the field. In the cellar, you will receive ordinary items (Sets of brushes, Watercolor sets) or get special items from chests. After you collect the required number of items, you can exchange them for tickets:

You need to help three citizens:
Citizen 1 (Lee): bronze help tickets (Sets of brushes + Watercolor sets = 5 tickets; Erasers + Pencil sharpeners = 10 tickets)
Citizen 2 (Alice): silver help tickets (Sets of brushes + Watercolor sets = 5 tickets; Sketchbooks + Sets of markers = 10 tickets)
Citizen 3 (Ramona): gold help tickets (Sets of brushes + Watercolor sets = 5 tickets; Oil paints + Painting knives = 10 tickets)

After you have created tickets, they are added to the progress bar:

To get the special reward, you need to fill the progress bar 3 times.
As you advance in the progress bar, you receive additional rewards.

You can view all rewards from all citizens here:
In total, you need to help three citizens; they change after the progress bar is completely filled.

PLEASE NOTE! Items you get on the field to help the citizens are the same. But the items to help the citizens from the chests are different for each citizen!!!

“Ratings” Tab

You need to accumulate 15 Sketchbox easels  to participate in the individual rating.
Please note that you get Sketchbox easels for every obstacle you remove!

Players who take the first 3 places in the personal rating will receive cups:
3-5 superbucks, 3-5 candies/baubles every 24 hours for 16 days during the promotion

2-4 superbucks, 2-4 candies/baubles every 24 hours for 16 days during the promotion

1-3 superbucks, 1-3 candies/baubles every 24 hours for 16 days during the promotion