Normally, when you log into a game with Facebook, you share your Facebook profile name and profile picture with the game.
The new way to log in gives you the possibility not to display your Facebook profile name and profile picture in the game and use a name and picture not associated with your Facebook profile instead.
Your profile's player name and avatar are the main ways you're represented in the game, gaming groups and other places where you choose to share your gaming activity. On Facebook, people you play with will still be able to see your profile name next to your profile's player name.
Please note that player login is a Facebook feature and it is added to the game as is. It belongs to Facebook and all updates and functionality of this feature are managed by Facebook.

To create a player name and avatar:

1. Open the game that you want to play.

2. Click Create player name.

3. Click edit to choose an avatar.

4. Enter a name to represent yourself in game and click Save.


To edit your player name and avatar:

1. From your Feed, click Play games in the left menu.

2. Click Gaming activity in the left menu.

3. Click Edit where you see your player name and avatar.

4. Update your player name and avatar and click Save.


To edit whether your profile or player information is displayed:

1. Click account or your profile picture.

2. Click Settings and privacy.

3. Click Settings.

4. Scroll down to Apps and websites. (Note: If you're using an additional Facebook profile, scroll down to Games on Facebook.)

5. Find the game and click View and edit.

6. Toggle between your "Profile picture and name" or "Avatar and player name".

When you choose a player name and avatar, you'll share this information with the game instead of your profile name and profile picture.