The New Calendar quest is here!

The quest is available to players of level 60+.

Click on the quest icon in the right-hand menu to open the quest window:

Order board

This is what the quest window looks like.
Every day you need to complete 5 tasks (tasks are given to players at random).
By completing tasks, you get the following items:
 -  Pointe Shoes -- for the event shop.
   -  Coins with note -- for the personal rating.

   - Tickets with Note -- for the club rating.
For completing tasks, you receive these items in ascending order: for 1 task 1 Coin, 1 Pointe Shoe, 1 Ticket, for 2 - 2 of each item, for 3 - 3, for 4 - 4, for 5 - 5.

If you complete 5 main tasks, you will receive an additional 15 Coins with Note and 1 set of energy.
The timer shows the time until the end of the current day.
After completing the main tasks of the day, you can complete additional tasks (this option is active only for the current day, i.e. for example, the 1st day of the quest is running, and additional tasks are available only for this day).  For each additional task, you get 1 Coin, 1 Pointe Shoe, and 1 Ticket.
If you missed any of the days, then you can buy access to it for superbucks. However, you can get access to it only upon completing your current day, and you will also be able to complete only the main tasks of that day.
You can also buy access to the next day that has not yet started. In this case, additional tasks of the current day will also be available to you (until the current day ends).

Event store

The Event store tab is available to you in the event. You can buy various buildings and useful items there for Coins with Note. As soon as the active part of the event is over, the store will work for another 3 days.


Dance Studio
Every 20 hours: 4500 coins, 3-4 energy, 3-4 daffodils, and 1 useful item (during 16 days) (6x6, can be placed anywhere)
Going with the Beat Van
Every 24 hours: 1000 coins, 1-3 energy, 1-3 daffodils (4x3, can be placed anywhere)

You can also choose which rewards you want to receive in the quest: there is a selection of items to the store that you may need in your city.


You need to collect 15 Pointe Shoes to enter the rating.
After that, the more Pointe Shoes you collect, the higher the rating is and the better your prize will be at the end of the event!

The first 3 places in the personal rating will receive trophies:
Gold Cup
Every 24 hours: 3-5 superbucks, 3-5 daffodils for 16 days during promotion
Silver Cup
Every 24 hours: 2-4 superbucks, 2-4 daffodils for 16 days during promotion
Bronze Cup
Every 24 hours: 1-3 superbucks, 1-3 daffodils for 16 days during promotion

Clubs’ tournament

Players can also take part in a club competition.
We remind you that you cannot leave the club 3 days before the end of the quest!

To take part in the club competition, you need to be a member of the club. Tickets with Note are counted in the club competition.
At the end of the promotion, the most active clubs receive banners and a special prize.
Children's Ballet Studio
Every 24 hours: 4000 coins, 2-4 energy, 2-5 daffodils (4x4, can be placed anywhere)