Hi all! I'm Alex, and I'm part of the Eco Patrol team. We are going to start a fresh Eco-Patrol tomorrow. I want to tell you exactly what has changed and what is new:)

We are keeping an eye on your comments and noticing that you take pride in making your city more organized and attractive. Therefore, we decided to adapt the Eco-Patrol so that we could better aid you in making your city beautiful and functional.

The Eco-Patrol transformation will occur in stages. Let's start with the initial June launch. Here are the major changes that will take effect on June 1st!

·         Eco Patrol will now last two weeks.

·         Each launch brings with it a new collection of themed rewards.

·         You need a quarter less points to win the lottery.

·         Mission requirements have been reduced.

·         The weekly task scheme has been altered.

 Now, let's go into greater detail.

We have modified the season's length. Every two weeks, a new themed launch will be available. You may design parks, host competitions, festivals, and holidays. You get a set of one-of-a-kind decors to give your city a distinct appearance. In the June launch, for example, you will test your skills as a park designer.

Eco-Patrol became much more effective. It's now much easier to get points, and it's much easier to get bonuses and coupons. For example, "Eco-Patrol" can assist you in obtaining quest items from commercial buildings 25% faster! But that's not all. We've made the task system more adaptable by adding new tasks to give you more alternatives. You don't have to do all of the tasks in the Eco Patrol to get the rewards. Just do the ones you like doing the most. The primary objective is to collect the required number of points. 

The lottery wheel will now be a lot more enjoyable to spin. The number of points required to spin has also been reduced. 

If you want to run the city as efficiently as possible and care about how it looks, Eco-Patrol is made just for you.

In the future article (which we will publish within two weeks), we will explain the revised interface, on which we are still working, as well as a more versatile points system. Stay in touch!