Hi everybody,

Players that migrated to the new Facebook Instant Games platform noticed that the price of purchased content had changed for all currencies besides USD. This change needs to be clarified.

Our prices have been at 2017 levels for quite some time, but the global economic environment is continuously shifting. We changed the pricing structure to keep the game evolving. We standardized pricing to the USD with Facebook Instant Games. The price in other currencies may vary depending on the dollar exchange rate, however the price in USD remains constant.

For instance, previously, a shop offer of 1000 expedition energy cost 8.99 Euros; now, it costs 9.32 Euros. At the same time, the price in USD remains $9.99.

We have no influence over how Facebook converts the currency in which you pay. You can add another currency (for example, USD) to your account, or you can keep everything as is.

We'll go into the reasons for switching to Facebook Instant Games later.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.

The SuperCity team