Hi everybody! I’m Lera, and I am responsible for the growth and development of Supercity.

We have started transitioning to Facebook Instant Games, an improved version of the Facebook Gaming platform that will allow players to play the way they did before, but open up new opportunities for improving the quality and development of the game itself. Our main goal is to make the game better for everyone. Here are a few reasons why we chose Facebook Instant Games:

Technical improvements:

  • Quick resolution of technical issues. We can get help from the platform itself quicker if there are massive problems in the game, such as problems with downloads and payments. 

  • Improving game quality. Facebook Instant Games places high demands on its partners, which we strive to meet. With the transition to Facebook Instant Games, we expect the in-game technical difficulties you sometimes experience to be significantly reduced.

  • Loading speed and game stability. The modern architecture of the platform will allow players to take care of their city without being distracted by annoying issues. We are looking at the speed of the game for those players who have already moved, and we see an improvement in performance.

Gameplay improvements: 

  • Attracting new players. Facebook Instant Games is a platform that was created and is being actively developed specifically for games. Switching to Facebook Instant Games will allow us to attract new players, and you will find new friends and club members.

  • More social interactions. Moving to Facebook Instant Games will allow us to use more communication tools inside and outside the game. For example, new options for finding friends, as well as more flexible profile settings.

  • New competition options. We will tell more about it later.

  • Additional content without microtransactions. Facebook Instant Games features allow players to receive some paid content without microtransactions.

The transition to Facebook Instant Games will take place in several stages: we will transfer only a part of the players at each stage. We will keep you updated.

Click here to learn about the main peculiarities of the new platform: https://playkot.helpshift.com/hc/en/4-supercity/faq/1544-facebook-instant-games-facebook-gaming/?p=web

Thank you for your attention

SuperCity team