Hi everyone!

My name is Kate, I'm a game designer. Today I want to tell you about a new game mechanic — Rarities Race.

Rarities Race is an additional activity that is available to players during the archaeological expedition. Many of you have already taken part in the race, and from your comments and messages to the support team, we understand that some points raise questions. Let's take a look at them.

Races are executed in a delayed mode. What does it mean?

You have decided to take part in this activity. The system selects an opponent for you from a list of players who also want to participate in the race. Each player has one hour to collect the maximum number of artifacts.

Since the players on the list can log into the game at different times, we record their actions from the moment they accepted the challenge. The system determines the winner and the loser after the allotted time.

You can choose the time that is convenient for you to participate in the race, and you do not need to wait for your opponent online. Your opponent in the race may already be sleeping or making coffee. This is the advantage of recorded fights.

In the race window, you can monitor your progress and that of your opponent. Your opponent's progress is updated every few minutes. That is, you will see how many artifacts your opponent collected during the same time as you.

We decided that using "bots" was not the best option for racing, so we made it possible for players to compete with other players, even if they live in different time zones. All the player needs is to collect the maximum number of artifacts within the allotted time.

Our main goal is to make the game even more exciting and interesting for more players. Rarities Race may be of interest to those players who are not members of clubs, but want to take part in competitions. In addition, by competing with other players, you can get additional prizes.

You can read more about how Rarities Race works in a special article.

We would love to hear your feedback and constructive suggestions.