Hi all! Alex is with you again, and I want to introduce you to a new offer - VIP status. 

VIP status is a new opportunity for city management, which is aimed at increasing the efficiency of production. Here are the main bonuses that VIP status offers: 

  • An additional craft slot for the following production buildings: cargo port, college, furniture factory, tailor's workshop, university. You will receive an additional slot in the production queue, even if you have bought all the slots in the production building.
  • Possibility to swap slots in the production queue of the abovementioned buildings. This feature will give you more flexibility in production. We hope you will enjoy this option.
  • VIP status gives a dedicated queue to the game support service. You will be able to get help faster if you have problems. We try to respond to all players as soon as possible. However, those players who decide to get VIP status will have a separate queue. 
  • Golden frame for the avatar, which will be displayed in the game interface. This is a visual effect and does not affect gameplay. A nice bonus for those who like to stand out.  

VIP status will be available in the game next week. VIP status will be available for purchase at any time. We hope that VIP status will help you manage your city even more effectively and add flexibility to the gameplay.

You can purchase VIP status through the corresponding icon in the right menu.

After clicking on the icon, you will see a window with the bonuses that you will receive after the purchase. There you will also see the button to make a purchase.

Effect of bonuses after purchasing VIP status

At the bottom of the screen, you will have a special button, by clicking on it you will open a window with active VIP status bonuses and a timer until they expire.

The frame for your avatar will look like this:

An additional slot in the production queue will not be highlighted for now. However, if you already have all the slots purchased in a certain building, a scroll button will appear.

In the production queue, you will have the opportunity to swap production in the first two slots. To do this, click on the arrow.

After clicking on the arrow, the production of the second item in the queue will begin. The timer for the production of the first item will not reset, but will pause.

As soon as the production of the item is completed, the production of the next item will start from the point at which it stopped after the second slot was moved up in the queue.

We look forward to your feedback. If you have any ideas what else can be included in the package, please write in the comments on our official page on Facebook.