Happy afternoon!

Alex is back. Today I'll discuss Ecopatrol's future changes. Starting with this eco-patrol, earning points and getting rewards will be easier than ever before.

Double points

Starting with the second week of Ecopatrol, you will earn double points for accomplishing all daily, weekly, and event-related activities! The lottery will be significantly closer, and you will be able to collect points twice as quickly.

Possibility to purchase points

The second change is the option to purchase more points.

Previously, you could only earn points by completing tasks, but now you may purchase them with superbucks. For example, if you need the next prize right away and need a few more points, you can buy those points.

With these adjustments, taking part in the Ecopatrol will be more rewarding and beneficial for the growth of your city.

I sincerely hope you like!

Good luck and enjoy the game:)