Hi everyone!

My name is Galya and I am a game designer in the SuperCity team. Let's talk about the Wheel of Fortune and the changes that we are preparing.

First, I want to thank you for the constructive feedback you share. It helps us make the game better.

We have taken a close look at what you have said about the Wheel of Fortune and have decided it is time for a change. We hope you enjoy the proposed changes.

Let's go.

The Wheel of Fortune is a mechanic similar to the fairground attraction, where you spin a fairground wheel. Each sector of the wheel has a prize. Among the prizes are a unique building, as well as emeralds, for which you can make purchases in the event shop. The more spins of the wheel, the more sections open in the shop. After spinning the wheel 80 times, you gain access to the second unique building, which can be bought for emeralds.  

We've seen feedback that you don't like the prizes. And we decided to change that.

More different wheel prizes

Among the wheel prizes can be expedition energy, cellar energy, items produced in the Cargo Port, Tailor's Workshop, and Furniture Factory, as well as University and College specialists.

We also want to increase the number of useful items you need right now in quests. We will also remove Lucky Cards from the wheel.

The number of sectors will remain the same, but new sectors will appear, for example, the Energy sector. When the wheel stops there, you will receive one of the types of energy as a reward: base game energy, expedition energy, or cellar energy.

We will add information panels to the wheel so that you always know which prizes are in which sector. This will make the available prizes always visible.

Bigger choice in the event shop

Let's talk about the event shop, which is also an important part of the Wheel of Fortune.

First, we want to add standard in-game buildings, as well as unique buildings from past events that are currently available in the Blueprint Shop for cards. We know that saving up cards for unique buildings can be tricky. Now you can buy them for emeralds.

Second, we will make three shops of useful items that you need in tasks, instead of two: at zero, twenty-fifth and sixtieth spin of the wheel.

Third, we will add more various items of the Sands and the Bay.

Fourth, we will add coupons for farms, factories, and more.

Lucky, Marathon, and Archive cards, which we will remove from the wheel, will also be available in the event shop immediately, at zero spin.

The number of items in each section of the shop will approximately double, so that you have a richer choice and everyone can find something to their liking.

Buying one token

Sometimes only one spin is missing from the goal, so we decided to add the possibility of buying one token.

These are the Wheel of Fortune changes we have prepared for you.

We will be glad if you share with us your thoughts on this matter, and also answer the question: "What is more important for you in the Wheel of Fortune: the wheel or the event shop?"