Hi, I'm Alex! I want to talk about obtaining new recipes on the Islands.

If you ask one of the locals where the heart of the Islands is, most likely they will answer: “In the Recipe Book!” And it's true - without a recipe you can not cook a single dish.

The Recipe Book allows you to visually see your progress in learning the culinary arts and structure the cooking process. So I advise you to take a closer look at it!

Where do recipes come from?

There are three ways to get them.

Option 1: build a restaurant. As soon as you build a new restaurant, several recipes immediately appear in the Recipe Book.

Option 2: complete a story task. For many tasks, you receive a recipe as a reward and see it when receiving the reward. 

Option 3: restore recipes in the Tree Headquarters. Now I would like to tell you more about this! 

As soon as you get access to the second island and build the Tree Headquarters, you will be able to restore recipes there.

How does it work?

There is a Delivery Service on the first island. The Delivery Service has an order board with daily goals. For completing each daily goal, you will receive recipe pages. After you accumulate 10 such pages, you can go to the Tree Headquarters to restore a lost recipe from the collected pages. As a result, you will receive a new recipe. Hooray!

If a new recipe needs to be cooked in a restaurant that you have not built yet, you will see a message that you must first build a specific restaurant in order to access this recipe.

And when all the recipes are studied... Well, the local citizens will have to admit that you are a brilliant cook, who has no equal :) But seriously, at that moment restoring recipes from the pages will simply become unavailable.

Important! The more complex the recipes, the more profitable they are: you can get more Chefcoins for these dishes.