Hello, Alex is here again! Today I will dwell in more detail on the cooking process and stars of dishes.

The Islands give you the opportunity to try yourself in a new role: learn how to cook masterfully and earn great rewards. Now I will tell you what you need for this.

How do you start cooking a new dish? You will need two things: a recipe and ingredients for it.

The recipe is stored in the Recipe Book.

The ingredients can be vegetables from garden beds and farms, flour, spices brought by the helicopter, sauces, other dishes, and so on.

Once you have all the ingredients needed for the recipe, you can start cooking!

Mastering a recipe

As soon as you start cooking a new dish, you are first to master it. What does it mean?

The first few times you will need to carefully monitor the process so that the dish does not burn or remain raw.

You do this in the mini-game mode. You will see a pot with a slider moving over it. Try to stop the slider in the orange zone by clicking on the pot at the right moment. Then you will receive both the dish and a star fragment, which will appear in the progress bar under the dish.

If you managed to collect 4 of these fragments, hooray! This means that the dish has been mastered, and you get one star for it.

After this, you will be able to cook this dish instantly: you just need to collect the necessary ingredients and click on the “Cook” button.

Stars of a dish

If you want to improve your cooking skill, you need to cook the dish again and again to get a second, and then a third star for it.

What does it take to get a second star for a dish?

First, cook this dish 20 times.

Second, collect 20 Secret Ingredients. You will find the Secret Ingredients in the Festival Shop.

Thus, to get the second star for a dish, you need both to cook it 20 times and to buy 20 Secret Ingredients from the Festival Shop and use them to upgrade this dish.

The third star is obtained the same way, only the number of required Secret Ingredients and cooked dishes increases to 50.

Rewards for stars

Now, let's say that you have three dishes unlocked at the restaurant.

Berry Panna Cotta - it has 1 star.

Omelette with Greens - it has 2 stars.

Rose Lemonade - it has 3 stars.

In total, this restaurant has 6 stars, and you can receive the reward that comes with this star rating.

Rewards can relate to the restaurant (make cooking easier) or affect the game on the Islands as a whole (reduce the time it takes for vegetables to ripen in the garden beds, speed up the return of the helicopter, allow you to get unique houses, and so on).

So, the more dishes with three stars you have in each restaurant, the more profitable and efficient your city will be!