Hello! Anna, narrative game designer, here.

The Islands brought a lot of new things: new land, new game mechanics, new stories, and new ways to tell those stories.

We often add comments and dialogues from characters to our quests. This helps make each story more profound and interesting as it unfolds right before your eyes!

Typically, these comments and dialogues are shown automatically at a certain point in the event. But there are so many events and stories happening on the Islands that it is easy to get lost in them. So, to make it easier to travel around the Islands and help you remember the story associated with a certain task, we have made a special “Listen to the conversation” button.

In additional quests, all comments and dialogues, except the final ones, are hidden behind this button. If you want to get to know the local citizens better, learn more about the recipe pages and find out why the Cooking Festival fell into disrepair, then feel free to click the “Listen to the conversation” button in the task window. A lot of interesting things await you there! 

Please note that not all tasks have this button.

Thanks for reading our stories and see you on the Islands!