Hello, Alex here. Today I want to talk about how the Cooking Festival and the Festival Shop work.

The main entertainment for the residents of the Islands is the Cooking Festival! And for you the Festival is important because it allows you to buy Secret Ingredients and other useful items for the location.

Each Festival lasts 48 hours. All this time, clients will come to you and order dishes (each client’s order can include from 1 to 5 dishes).

Good news! Visitors of the Cooking Festival are quite nice, so if you don’t feel like cooking one of the dishes ordered, you can replace it. However, you will have to wait until the visitor comes up with another dish. 

Each dish cooked and given to the visitor will bring you Chefcoins. Completing the entire order will bring you tips and likes for good service. Every like from a satisfied visitor goes towards the progress bar of the Festival Shop. The more likes you get, the more positions will open in the Festival Shop.

How do you build the Festival Shop?
As soon as you gain access to the Festival, the ability to build the shop will immediately be unlocked.

What can you buy in the Festival Shop? 
Ingredients for dishes
Keys to the kitchen
Builder's uniform
Sacks of superfertilizer
Water paths
Secret ingredients
Golden Monkey Wrenches

Pay attention to the Secret ingredients! You need them to increase the star rating of your dishes. And the higher the star rating of the dishes, the higher the star rating of the restaurants.

Please note that the Festival Shop is tied to the Cooking Festival. After the Festival ends, it takes time to prepare to receive new guests. This takes 6 hours, and then a new Festival starts.

At this moment, the assortment in the Festival Shop is updated.