Hello, Alex here! Let's talk about seafood and where to get it on the Islands.

Of course, on the Islands you cannot do without a restaurant serving fresh seafood, and therefore without a market where you can buy the ingredients for these dishes. That's why you definitely need the Fish Market!

 You get access to the Fish Market after you build the Seafood Restaurant.

 You can purchase the following ingredients for dishes at the Fish Market:


Sea Bass


Tiger Prawn

To purchase products at the Fish Market, you will need to collect a certain amount of resources and then exchange these resources for the desired product (you will see what resources you need to collect by clicking on the desired product). 
Please note: after the product is purchased, the tray on the counter will be empty for some time, waiting for a fresh catch. However, this wait can be skipped using superbucks. After this, the assortment will be updated, and you will be offered a different set of products to choose from. 
If you've ever looked into the Trader's Tent, then everything here will be familiar to you. Markets work virtually the same way all over the world  :)

You can buy seafood from the trays in any order, choosing the products that you need most at the moment.

The market can be upgraded in the future. The number of catch trays on the counter (and, accordingly, the wealth of choice) depends on the upgrade. So, for example, when you first go to the market, there will be 3 trays. And the market upgraded to the maximum will offer 6 trays with goods.