Hi everyone!

Galya, game designer of SuperCity, is here again, and today we’ll talk about the new mini game “What’s in the garage?”, which has recently ended. In this mini game, you combined identical items on the game field, helped citizens, earned points for this and spent them on creating an interior.

To begin with, we would like to sincerely thank everyone who participated and arranged the living room for  Alice's Grandma! Also, many thanks to those who wrote to us about their impressions - your feedback is very important to us.

At SuperCity, we try to diversify your gaming experience so that everyone can find something close to their spirit. Some of our activities - such as Treasure Hunt and Wheel of Fortune - require intuition and luck. In others, it’s team spirit and the will to win. Others require patience and perseverance.

And what about the new event?

Here you will need good taste :)

While working on this mini game, we wanted to create a cosy place where you could relax, take your mind off your work, and maybe even forget for a while that you are a very busy mayor of a big city.

For this reason, we decided not to include traditional rewards (new buildings, superbucks and candies), not to hold competitions between clubs and not to use ratings. The interior is a completely new type of reward for SuperCity, but it seems to us that it corresponds to the spirit of creation and beautification inherent in our game.

By the way! If your interior has been saved in the Collections, then once you enter them, you can continue to experiment with the decor and try different combinations. All options for interior items received in the event are available to you at any time even after the end of the event. 

We chose the mechanic of combining two identical items for this event because we found it both meditative and fun. Personally, it reminds me of knitting  :)

Now our team will be evaluating the results of the first launch and thinking about the second one. We'd love it if you could answer a few questions and share your ideas - it would help a lot!