Megabuilding is a new type of building. It combines several buildings of the same certain type. This allows you to claim the profit of these buildings with one click, as well as more rationally use the land in the city.

The following megabuildings are currently available in the game:


Flower Megamarket

Construction Megafactory

Obtaining a megabuilding in the game

1. First you need to build the Department of Architecture. If you have already built it, proceed to the next point.

 2. There are two tabs in the Department of Architecture. The first one contains standard building upgrades, and the second one contains megabuildings. 

3. To build a megabuilding, you need resources and buildings of the same type as the future megabuilding. 
The buildings must be non-upgraded and must be in your storage. 
For instance:
- to build a Megafarm, you must have non-upgraded Farms in your storage; 
- to build a Flower Megamarket, you must have non-upgraded Flower Kiosks in your storage. 

 The number of buildings that must be in the storage is indicated in the task. 

The number in the task above means that to build a Megafarm, you need to have 2 non-upgraded Farms in the storage and that you currently have 0 non-upgraded Farms there. As soon as you place 2 non-upgraded Farms in the storage, the number will change to 2/2. 

If you do not have enough buildings of the required type, you can buy them in the shop and place them in the storage, or move them from the city to the storage.

 4. After you have collected everything you need, the Build button becomes active. 

After pressing the button, the game will ask you to select a building of the same type in your city, which will turn into a megabuilding. 

You select a building and wait for a while. The resources and buildings specified in the task are written off from your game (spent). 

5. After the timer expires, you receive a megabuilding that needs to be placed in the city. 

6. The new megabuilding will replace the buildings spent to obtain it. Thus, it will require as many resources and provide as much profit as these buildings would provide separately. 
For example:
- 3 Farms were spent on the Megafarm (2 from the storage + 1 for upgrade) 
- therefore, a Megafarm requires 3 times more coins to start production and provides three times more resources when collecting profits 

In total, you can build 3 megabuildings of each type (3 Megafarms, 3 Flower Megamarkets, etc.).

Level of megabuildings

Megabuildings can be upgraded. 
The upgrade is available in the Department of Architecture on the "Megabuildings" tab. 
To access the task to upgrade a megabuilding, you need to click on the megabuilding on the left side of the window. In this case, a task to increase the level of the selected megabuilding will be displayed on the right side of the window. 

Each upgrade will require resources and buildings. 
As a result of the upgrade, the megabuilding will increase in level: it will require even more resources and provide even more profit. 

Megabuildings of any level can be placed next to each other.

When you click on each megabuilding, the window will display the number of buildings used to create and upgrade it. This way it will be clear how many times the costs for this building and the profit from it increase. 

The second number indicates the maximum possible upgrade for this megabuilding. Thus, for example, at the maximum level, a Megafarm can contain 8 Farms, and a Flower Megamarket can contain 10Flower Kiosks. Accordingly, when you collect profit from these megabuildings, you will instantly receive a profit equivalent to what you would get if you collected profit from 8 Farms or 10 Flower Kiosks.

The maximum level a megabuilding can be upgraded to is level 6.