Hi all! Anton is with you, game designer of SuperCity.

We are finally ready to show you the new way of working with a big number of buildings that I mentioned earlier.

Megabuildings are here! They combine several standard buildings of the same type. A building like this can generate as much revenue as the buildings "inside" it while occupying far less land. This way, you free up space on the map and get the opportunity to develop the city more efficiently! 

Megabuildings are built in the Department of Architecture, and you can build 3 Megabuildings of each type in total. Megabuildings can be upgraded. It is also done in the Department of Architecture. Upgrades allow you to fit more regular buildings into one Megabuilding.

Construction and upgrade are carried out using items collected from buildings, Islands items and building upgrade plans. I would like to talk about the latter separately.

We know that many players are having difficulty obtaining building upgrade plans. In addition, they are also required for regular upgrades, which means now you will have another place where you need to spend them. So, we've opted to focus on the Countryside this year and are working on new features there to provide you more chances to get building upgrade plans.

That is not all we will do! We have other ideas for enhancing the Countryside event, which we'll talk about next time. Meanwhile, we're introducing a temporary shop for the Countryside alongside the first batch of Megabuildings, so you can have a head start. You can buy building upgrade plans from there. The shop will be available for one week following the Megabuildings.

Now we are ready to introduce you to the Megafarm and the Flower Megamarket, but we will be adding new Megabuildings shortly.

It would be wonderful to receive your wishes, by the way! In addition to these Megabuildings, which others would you prefer?