Hi all! It's Pavel, game designer of SuperCity.

We have prepared some nice adjustments to the reward system for you in the next expedition. A parallel reward system is what this is going to be.

Gone are the days of obtaining a little handful of rewards in one spot! Get ready to see three tabs with rewards! You can get rewards from these tabs for doing different things in the expedition.

All tabs will now be on the left side of the screen. The icon will be uniform and look like this:

Let's take a closer look at each of the new tabs.

  • Adventure
    This tab will list the story missions that were previously located on the left side of the expedition screen. 
    To receive rewards from this tab, you simply need to advance through the story, completing tasks one by one, as before. After a certain number of completed story tasks, you will receive a reward indicated at the bottom of the tab window. 
    As a final reward, a unique beautiful building for your city awaits you. 


  • Tasks
    Here you will find a list of additional tasks. Completing them will bring you special points. By accumulating these points, you will be able to earn rewards and move towards a unique final reward! 

  • Rewards
    Here you will receive additional rewards simply for spending expedition energy! No matter for what: every unit of energy spent will count and help you advance towards the next reward! 

The new system of parallel rewards will give us the opportunity to delight you with a large number of rewards in each expedition: 
- Just by playing expeditions, you will automatically advance in each of the reward tabs. 
- You will receive rewards much more often and get rid of very long pauses between them. 

With the new system, we hope that expeditions can bring you more joy and benefit!